A cardigan for Baby H

Would you be shocked if I told you I have only knitted two things thus far for my darling son to be?

I totally thought I would be churning out knits after knits to the point where the kid would be set until he's 13 and "can't be caught dead in his mother handknits".

Well until then I get to put him in whatever I want. First of which will be this adorable cardigan from Sublime.

I decided to make the newborn size which I realize he'll probably only get to wear once. He's due in March so time is limited before things get all hot here in New England.

I can't wait to be able to see him in his little mock elbow patches.


The pattern is from a Sublime booklet #653. The pattern is called Gilbert

Only a few more weeks to go!



6 thoughts on “A cardigan for Baby H

  1. Meredith says:

    I just found your blog, and I love your baby boy sweater! I’m expecting our second in April, and I’ve also not knit as many baby things as I thought I would. I’ve been looking for good baby boy patterns (although we haven’t found out the sex), and I love this one! Thanks!


  2. claire says:

    ooh what an adorable pattern! (i’m adding it to my queue immediately) i am sure your baby look and feel just scrumptious in it.
    i hope you’re feeling well, enjoy these last few weeks! so exciting!


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