FO: Knitted Pouf

It seems that part of my nesting is knitting things not only for my boy but for his room. I went to Michael's recently to pick up supplies for other crafty persuits and I couldn't help walking though the yarn section. I am a complete yarn snob but it doesn't stop me from looking at all yarns when I can.

That day there was a sale on the Caron Pound of Love. Now, to be being brutally honest I would never knit myself a sweater out of the stuff but a piece of furniture… well that's a completely different story!

I have always been a fan of the knitted pouf ever since I saw the pattern on the Pickles Knititng Blog.

While the pattern is rediculously simple (garter stitch), it is somewhat vauge. It gives you some finished measurements but no gauge. This is where my love of Ravelry comes in (yet again!). I checked out some pouf projects from other knitters and decided to CO 50 sts using 3 strands and US 15s.

I knitted until I ran out of yarn from the skein I pulled two strands from. The finished rectangle was about as long as I am tall – about 5 feet.

I stuffed two standard pillows and two quilt buntings in the pouf which made it pretty firm. 

As for sewing it up, since my gauge was tighter than the original I decided to pick up every 3rd row to cinch close and then pick up some other edges as I tightened. It made the closure not pucker as much as if I picked up every other row.

Raveled here.

9 thoughts on “FO: Knitted Pouf

  1. Tanis says:

    I LOVE this. I have been searching for a little something to rest my feet on in my own nursery (I’m due this spring!) and I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for out in the shops, I think that this is exactly what I need! Thanks for the inspiration. Go nesting!


  2. Denise says:

    Margaux thanks for this – I have been searching for a little hassock, and this is perfect. When are you due? Thinking a lot about babies today – my baby turns 20 tomorrow, and it seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital.


  3. Diane says:

    This is awesome! I definitely want to make one for my son too. Thanks for sharing and I love this post even more because we’re the same height. Little things like that make me happy. 🙂


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