With love from San Francisco

I came home to a beautiful package from my San Francisco knitters the other day. I am so touched they thought of me to make Baby H such a beautiful blanket. I miss SF everday (doubly so on those crazy snowy days when I can't leave my house) and know that the time I spent there was truly magical. 

The blanket also came with an amazing smelling little bar of soap and a super cute "key" so that I can tell Baby H which one of his SF aunties made which square!

I love the color and the beautiful crocheted edging. 


We're still counting down the days waiting for him to arrive. It's truly a surreal time which I like to call Knocking on the door of Mommyhood. 

You can check out more pics of this gorgeous blanket on it's Ravelry page: Huffnugget Blanket.  Thank you again my wonderful friends you have truly touched my heart! I cannot wait to wrap Baby H in this blanket!! 

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7 thoughts on “With love from San Francisco

  1. LT says:

    Lovely blanket! So exciting that the wonderful whirlwind of having a newborn is about to begin for you! I have a 7 month old, and I can’t believe how fast time flies now, cherish every moment! And shamefully, I haven’t even finished knitting his baby blanket yet (bad mommy!) Though in my defense, I have made a bargain with him that when he starts sleeping through the night instead of being up every 3 hours I will have the energy to knit in the evenings… Motherhood is wonderful, enjoy your last days of pregnancy!


  2. LindaLovesLace says:

    Awwww ~ so glad you like it. It was truly a labor of love spread out over 4 months. When the time comes, may YOUR labor of love be over much sooner!! Love and kisses from “Aunt Linda” xx


  3. Jinxie says:

    Huzzah! Being a part of this project was fun and heartwarming, and it was immensely satisfying to see all the random little squares come together into one beautiful piece. May the blankie keep you and your growing family warm for many years to come!


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