Sometimes things don’t go according to plan

Today is my due date and it seems my son is enjoying himself way to much to come on out. If there's one thing I've learned about going into labor is that it can happen anytime, anywhere and "when he's ready." You just have to be open to the options and that things may not be according to "the plan".


It's a good thing that this kid's mom is a knitter because I'm already open to times when things don't go according to plan. I love the idea of a blanket cardigan – an over-sized sweater that can be thrown on and wrapped all cuddly like. It was one of the knits I was dying to design at the onset of my pregnancy. I knew a sweater like this would be used and abused even through the first months of parenthood. But what may look like a great idea on paper may not totally translate well into a finished piece.

The yarn I used was a bit too bulky for this style of cardigan. The general weight of the finished piece was so great that when I shrugged my shoulders a few times it came falling off with ease.


I also didn't like how the weight of the front pieces lifted the back and created a weird shape. One dear friend on FB even said it looked like I had a hunchback! (thanks for that David!) But he was right – it just didn't look right and thus needed to be RIPPED*.

While it stung to know that this may be one of the final pieces I got a chance to complete before bebe (and sleep deprevation) I knew I just had to make the modifications needed to make it a successful cardigan.


I plan on keeping the texture and the shawl collar but will go for a more traditional cardigan route. As for the blanket cardigan – I won't give up on that dream! It will just have to wait for another round of inspiration to strike.

In the meantime I am doing all I can to help this kiddo realize it's time for him to arrive. Spicy foods, hanging curtains, dancing the jig 😉 We are so looking forward to meeting him!

*Rippage side note: I've realized that owning a steamer comes in handy in times like these. The yarn was so kinky after ripping I had to do the slow process of wet blocking the yarn. I attempted to try the kettle trick but that would have been a crazy way to spend a whole day straightening yarn. With the tip from a twitter friend I am now awaiting a new steamer delivery and hope to cast on for it's "cousin" soon!

13 thoughts on “Sometimes things don’t go according to plan

  1. Katie Lynn says:

    I love the idea of a blanket cardigan… yours looked so cozy till you turned to the side! Keeping that lovely texture is definitely the way to go. I can’t wait till you have a new finished version, I’d love to make one for myself!


  2. Denise says:

    Emily took her time coming out, and it has manifested itself by her being impossible to wake up in the morning unless she wants to wake up. it was the birth trauma every school day morning.
    I am sure you will get lots of advice from ladies who have been there so here is my advice: be one with the universe! There is no time you are more creative and powerful than now. Enjoy!


  3. Jill says:

    My daughter came 2 weeks after her due date -I had to be induced, after trying Everything (I stopped short of Castor oil -GI symptoms while in labor? No thanks) I wish I had spent more time knitting (and sleeping!) before her arrival instead of worrying if she was okay in there. It turns out she just needed the extra baking time -she was only 6 lb 9 oz! Good luck,and enjoy these days!


  4. Katy says:

    Good luck on your labor and delivery…mine were 3 and 4 weeks early, so I don’t have any experience going down to the wire!
    Btw, I LOVE your necklace. Can I ask where you got it?
    My email is craftykaty(at) gmail(dot)com


  5. melissa says:

    ah yes, the “due” date… they really should call it something else 🙂
    sending lots of, “come out little baby! we want to meet you!” vibes your way!!


  6. Cassy says:

    I think babies just come when they want to. My daughter was almost an entire month early! I never got to try any of those tricks, but I have a friend that swore rubbing castor oil on her belly (rather than drinking it) did the trick for her.
    That cardigan looks so cozy! It’s a shame you ripped it, but it would annoy you if it falls all the time. That stitch pattern will be great on a regular cardi too.


  7. Lauren Noble says:

    Congratulations on making it to 40 weeks! Seems that he is still happy being your most important Work In Progress. I hope that whenever your little one decides to come, you have a beautiful, calm, and satisfying birth. You look absolutely gorgeous! Sending positive vibes your way…love from a Bay Area doula, knitter, and fellow 10/10 girl, Lauren.
    PS- I just cast on for the Gate Pullover, and then realized you were the designer!


  8. Stitched Together says:

    I made a blanket cardigan and I love it. I did it all in stocking stitch and it is knit in 4ply – talk about labour of love! Even in 4ply the fronts pull down with weight. Just thought I’d let you know!


  9. ellen says:

    I love how positive you stayed about your whole blanket cardigan experience. You’re obviously already on the path to be a great Mom. Much health and happiness to your family. You’re going to have a blast.


  10. carrie says:

    Amazingly enough, I worked up to my due date and later that night I went into labor. Imogen was born the next morning–during the season’s biggest blizzard.
    Wishing you a wonderful birth!


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