What I’ve been up to (the bullet point version)

I know it's pretty obvious as to what has kept me from the blog as of late. It is about 15 and a half pounds, likes to eat, sleep and poo and has a heart melting smile. And while I do love him dearly I truly miss my knitting life. For those of you who have stuck around, thank you!  

Let's just jump right in, shall we? In no particular order this is what has been going on in my mind as of late.

– I have been dreaming of renovating my rental all because of Young House Love and the Apartment Therapy cure!

– I am working on publishing a few patterns for the fall. All self-published. I think I can. I think I can.

– I read a few good books including Gone Girl, The Night Circus and The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater.

– I'm obsessed with watching True Blood and now that it's over it's time to finish up Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

– I am hoping to get back to the barre really soon. It kinda helps that a Bar Method is opening in my town!

– I have been using my How to Cook Everything cookbook to make from scratch brownies. 

– I am knitting a new shawl called pendulum.

– I have been connecting with other new mothers at this fabulous place called Isis Parenting. Their class called Great Beginnings is like therapy for new moms. #youredoingitright

Now that we're up to speed what have you guys been up to? 

I also sadly lost ALL my blogs when Google Reader died. I completely missed the window of backing up the feeds and adding them to Feedly. SO please feel free to leave your blog here so I can reconnect it!

11 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to (the bullet point version)

  1. Leslie says:

    Yes…!!! So happy to hear that all is well with you & your little boy bundle. Hopefully you’ll post a photo of him in his handknits. Can’t wait to see what you’re dreaming up.


  2. Kathleen says:

    Isis is so great! I wouldn’t have made it through isobel’s infancy without them (back when they were in Brookline/ before they expanded all over). Congrats on the baby!


  3. Denise says:

    Glad to see you back Margaux! Seems like just yesterday I was changing diapers, and poof there you go, I was helping Emily move into her big girl apartment yesterday. Looking foward to hearing more about your adventures. xxoo Denise (and Emily)


  4. thea says:

    Hi you! I’ve been knitting, knitting, knitting over here, and mostly without any of the usual knitty friends! Grrr. With travel and etc, it’s crazy that we’ve not crossed paths all summer — soon, yes?


  5. Vicki says:

    Looking forward to seeing your new patterns! I’m going to be a grandma in January, so appreciate hearing about what my knit-blogger/new-mom friends find helpful. Thanks!


  6. Meredith says:

    Welcome back! I had a baby not long after you did, so I understand balancing baby responsibilities and joy, and kind of longing for more knitting time (and sleep). It sounds like you’ve really been up to a lot of great things!


  7. Kathy says:

    I don’t think you followed my blog before but here you go. Congrats on your baby, my little boy is 3 months old in a couple days. thanks for the isis link


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