Design Along With Me

I love to blog, knit and design but a lot of the time things I design/knit cannot be discussed openly on the blog. Which makes for a very quiet blog and not too fun for anyone involved. Since I'm coming off of a baby hiatus I'd give anything to talk about knitting! (really I'd talk about anything but ya'll not here to hear me rant about Miley Cyrus are you?)

I've been designing and knitting all "behind the scenes" and while that is *FUN* I wanted to have a project that could be all On Scene! A little inside my head process minus all the bizzaro thoughts I have on a day to day basis. (self driving cars, anyone?)


I've been thinking a lot about designing a comfy pullover sweater that's pretty easy in terms of construction and stitch pattern. Right now I'm in love with the idea of a simple drop shoulder sweater. Two big square pieces sew 'em up, add some sleeves, whola a sweater! For this semi-exhausted new mom it seems like the perfect recipe. Not too much thinking involved.

My inspiration is this picture from the blog Kendi Everyday. And I'll use the word inspiration here loosely as I really would like to pretty much make that sweater – a color block, textured, drop shoulder sweater.

A flip through my go-to stitch pattern book landed me on a pattern called Granite Stitch. Using some Malabrigo Worsted I had in the stash, I made a small gauge swatch on US 8s.


So purdy! Now, what colors to chose!?

Enter Design Seeds – a fountain of color inspiration! It didn't take long for me to fall in love with this color combo. I think I saw it on the 2nd page I looked at. (I waste no time!)


I've decided to use the top green, the dark blue, the rosey pink and the darker neutral as my guide. With the order in, all there's left to do is wait! 

Are you working on a new sweater for the fall? 

2 thoughts on “Design Along With Me

  1. Kim says:

    Those colours will be beautiful together! I’m still a novice knitter so I think a sweater would be a stretch for me just yet but I am going to start a cozy cowl soon for a Christmas exchange gift! That’s ambitious for me haha!


  2. tentenknits says:

    Love cowls, Kim! (as you can prob tell!) its always a good project to have! What I like about a drop shoulder sweater is that its literally two squares that you sew up. Its super easy. You just need to know how to increase and decrease and BAM youre good to go!


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