James and his blanket


My dear friends in Hoboken suprised me with this beautiful blanket when I brought Baby James on his first trip to NJ. Knitted with Acadia from the Fibre Co. it's not only stunning but luxurious. Nothing less for my little man.


It is in heavy rotation with his other blankets. Kid is so hooked up! I'm kinda jealous of him. But knowing me, I'll probably steal a little snuggle with it every once in a while.

I love the texture of each stitch pattern and I think he likes how soft it is on his skin.  

Thank you my wonderful knitting friends! To Patricia of Patricia's Yarns for organizing and for those fab gals at Kelbourne Woolens for distributing such beautiful yarns. I am so grateful for you all.

As for life with James, it has been amazing so far. I'm trying not to blink.

9 thoughts on “James and his blanket

  1. Ashiepoo22 says:

    Omg that last photo. How precious!
    What an absolutely beautiful blanket. I love, love, love Acadia and those colors work so well together. That is definitely one to hang on to and treasure forever.


  2. Julie Crawford says:

    That blanket is stunning, and it looks like your darling cutie pie is super jazzed about the new blanket!
    (side note: I have finally figured out how to comment on your blog- it wasn’t letting me post for the longest time. I had to use my google plus account to sign into typepad, and now it seems to be willing to let me comment… but know that I have been reading!)


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