Friday Links: Photography


As I'm getting back to the swing of things it's time I brought back Friday posts, too! Remember my Flashback Fridays?? I love digging out old sweaters/projects for you guys to see. Gives them a little time in the sun again, so as I line a few of those up I thought in the mean time a Friday Links post would do!

I've been thinking a lot about my photography lately. Really on how to make my shots better but also how to make it easier to get the shot from the camera to the blog. I don't have oodles of time anymore and I need to fine the easiest way to get them uploaded and processed. I've even contemplated getting the new Nokia Lumia 1020 (14 megapixals! It's more than my SLR right now!) but I don't have AT&T. My cameraphone isn't a slouch but still it's not all that great either (see above).

It is a talent to get the right shot. So much goes into a photograph. Where should I stand? Where should I put the subject in my frame? How much light do I need? How can I get a blurred background? What equipment should I buy? Well below are a few places that haven given me some insight into all that… and honestly the big take away: Just experiement! 

Depth of Field Calculator

Shoot It! Caro's Photography Class via Craftsy

15 Great tips on Photography

Pioneer Woman Photography

Of course a Pinterest search of Photography will give you all sorts of good ideas and tips!

Get out and shoot! xo


PS. If you recoginze the above sweater then you'll be happy to know it's revision is almost done!

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