Flashback Friday: Juliet

Remember when Juliet was huge?

Hey Juliet

It was a time just before Ravelry where you would see it pop up on knit blogs and become it's own form of viral. At the time the designers went by Zephyr Gals and this to be sure was a huge hit for them.

Made in 2007
Yarn: Rowan Cocoon
Pattern: Juliet by Sarah Moore 
Ravelry Link

I remember the knitting being pretty easy but the ribbon for the buttons was a pain in the toosh! I wasn't confident on how to attach the ribbon and really just stitched it where I could. It held for this photo but wasn't all that awesome when I wore it IRL. I always had to adjust it to make sure it wasn't going to show.

This sweater is pretty classic and from the looks of it on Ravelry, this pattern is still going strong. 

Not to digress but, this shot was taken at one of my old Hoboken apartments. A real crap hole, I remember having mice and roaches… yuck! BUT it was one block away from the yarn shop and across the street from Boston Market (which is now a 7-11!) So while I was slumming it for sure, it's location couldn't be beat. Not to mention, my husband proposed to me in that apartment!

2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Juliet

  1. mary says:

    Such nostalgia; I love it! I loved knitting Juliet even though mine didn’t turn out as nice as yours. I still have mine; it’s in the pile to frog be3cause the proportions didn’t turn out right on mine. I kinda miss the simplier days before rav when blogging was the way to stay connected. It was a grand time. Don’t get me wrong; I love Rav too. It’s just more complicated and harder now to find out about new patterns. I still love reading your blog, all these years later! Keep up the good work.


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