The Cowl Reigns!

Chunky Cowl

I actually had written this post way before I saw (and others pointed out to me) that my Luxe Cowl is Hot Right Now on Ravelry! I couldn't be more excited! It's a super simple yet lovely pattern. Perfect for the last minute knitted gift. 

I love me some cowls, too. As  I got a fever and the only remedy is more COWL.

"You get at COWL! You get a COWL! You get a COWL!" (Oh Oprah, who wanted a Car anyway!?)

**cough** ok, now that's out of my system…  

The original (and fantastic I might add) 5th Avenue Infinity Cowl! I may add, I think it was one of the first cowls to be published (Humble I am not today!?)

5th Avenue

The cozy and bulky, Snow Cowl.

Snow Cowl

Made from gorgeous and soft Fibre Co. Canopy, The Felicity Cowl.

Felicity Cowl

The Bulky and cozy version 5th Ave Short & Chunky Cowl

Cowl for Nick

The newest cowl in my collection, The Hudson Cowl.


 Enjoy your cowl-bad self! 


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