I heart Sewing!

This Christmas my husband gifted me with a new sewing machine. Well, to be true, he told me he wanted to gift me one and promptly asked me to pick it out since he felt it was too personal a choice to do for me. How true he was! There are SO many machines out there to choose from and of course I had no idea where to start. After a few texts with some amazingly talented sewers and a Pinterest post on beginner machines, I eventually chose mine.

Meet my girl, Singer Stylist 7258 – a crowd pleaser. She’s a basic work horse that has 100 different kinds of stitches. What is most awesome to me is that my mother and grandmother also sewed on Singer machines. How could I not honor my heritage?

I immediately began scouring the internet for patterns and inspiration. There is a TON out there and an awful lot of stuff to comb through. Who knew the sewing world was so vast?

Also, how thankful am I to have a site like Ravelry? It’s a wonderful site dedicated to knitters and crochers with a tremendous database of patterns and reviews. If you want to make a pattern it’s the first place I look to see if there are any major hiccups or things I need to keep in mind. To my knowledge, sewing does not have a similar place.

Of course the first place I went to (aftering being reminded) was Purl Soho. I LOVE their style and knew they would have sewing patterns that would what I was looking for.

After some simple pillowcases under my belt I decided to give their Easy Tote a try! Stay tuned for a second post more in depth! 

After that I found my self falling down the sewing rabbit hole.

My sewing/making inspiration:

Purl Soho – https://www.purlsoho.com/

Colette Patterns – https://www.colettepatterns.com/

Blackbird Fabrics – http://www.blackbirdfabrics.com/

Grainline Studio – http://www.grainlinestudio.com/

Sewaholic Patterns – http://www.sewaholicpatterns.com/

Thread Theory – https://threadtheory.ca/

IndieSew – https://indiesew.com/

Fringe Supply Co – http://www.fringesupplyco.com/

What other places have you found great sewing inspiration?

Things they don’t tell you about sewing – 

These are my intial impressions on what you need to know before starting a sewing project. I imagine as I become more experienced this list will be more obivous and will probably include more bullets – alas, this is just what I’ve come to learn over the last few days.

Your sewing machine manual is GOLD. Read it, keep it nearby and don’t lose it.

Your Iron is just as important as your sewing machine. I didn’t realize how married they are. You cannot sew anything without having your iron near by. Pressing your pieces is key to success.

Cutting fabrics. This is a DUH but did you know you have to cut the fabric a certain way. I had no idea there was such a thing. Grainwise is a new term for me but it’s slowly sinking in. To be true, I  had a serious mental block on what that meant and “picturing” the way the fabric is cut from the bolt. Also Shears vs. Rotary Cutter is a thing. Luckily I actually have a rotary cutter handy so that was nice. I have since bought a huge cutting board to help keep things neat and straight.

Seam Ripper! It was one of the first things I bought. Let’s be honest lots of mistakes are going to be made by moi. I’m not afraid to rip and this tool is super necessary.

Bobbins – every time you load a bobbin you can’t “unload” it. I went ahead and did two projects with two very distinct colors so now I have two used bobbins from the 2 that came with my machine. More colors I want to use, means more bobbins!

Needles – just like knitting, different patterns require different needles but it’s not necessarily written out in an obvious way. I was making my first tote via Purl Soho’s blog – the Easy Tote – and almost started going along my merry way before my mother in law stopped me and asked what kind of needle I was going to use! I hadn’t even thought of it before and glad she did stop me because lo and behold I needed something with more strength.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be sewing. I really pushed it out of my mind to tackle because I was so worried how “all in” I would be. To be honest, it was my destiny! With a grandmother and mother who are both amazing seamstresses it wasn’t hard for me to jump right in. Happy Sewing!

2 thoughts on “I heart Sewing!

  1. Orange Smoothie says:

    Congratulations on your new machine! I just wanted to share that there is a similar place to Ravelry called Textillia. It’s relatively new, but it’s growing it’s database. Check it out. 🤗 And enjoy your new machine!

    Happy New Year! 🎆🎊🎈 🎉


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