Open Letter to Joyce Byers – Mom/Hero

I just finished watching Stranger Things 2 and cannot stop thinking about Joyce Byers.


Now if you haven’t seen the show and do not want to be spoiled I want you to stop here. I don’t plan on giving away too many spoilers but the show is just too darn good and I’d like you to go watch it first.

Now that you’ve been warned…

Dear Joyce,

You are one amazing mother.  You’ve been through one of the most traumatic experiences any human can go through and what have you done… you became stronger.

You work tirelessly as a single parent in a time where there were no cell phones or internet. I noticed that you handmade your son’s halloween costume. I noticed that you work days on end to give your sons a good life – and your boys are Good Men. Both of them. I cannot deal with how much I love the relationship your boys have with each other and guess what? That’s because of you! Jonathan and Will are a wonderful unit and that all comes from you whether you realize it or not. I can only hope that my two sons will have that closeness when they are older.

You never gave up on finding Will and when he returned you remained tireless in your effort to heal him. I can only imagine how much courage it took to let him go off with his friends. How much fear you had to swallow to let him “have his space”. You were so strong and yet fragile. How we can all relate!

When things ultimately started to go sideways, you knew him. You knew he would respond to his art. You never gave up and man, if you could have fought that monster with your own bare hands you would have.

You jumped into the Upside Down like it was NOTHING. Like, oh, I have to go to another evil dimension to get my son (and save my friend Hopper?) No Big Deal. Girlfriend, You RAN towards that scary disgusting hole in the wall. You sped your car toward that hole in the ground. Mama your courage is inspiring!

As a mother of a child with special needs I saw so much of myself in you. Or rather I hope I would go to any lengths to get my son help – to run towards that evil scary place with no question. To have him trust me, to have him believe that No Matter What I would be there for him.

I get so worried about when my son gets older. Wondering how many kids will make fun of him because he can’t communicate as well or drools. Will they call him “Zombie Boy” or “drooling boy”? I hope not but it’s inevitable, right? The world can be cruel and UpsideDown. I know like you I’m going to want to punch those kids (and monsters) in the face but will work hard at keeping my temper. I hope beyond hope he will have a friend like Mike, a brother like Jonathan and that I can be a mother like you.

Thank you Joyce for showing us all what a strong mother is.

You’re my hero.


P.S. Now go pour yourself a glass of wine and call Hopper. You deserve a fun night out.

P.P.S Wynona, you deserve all the awards next season. Bravo!

3 thoughts on “Open Letter to Joyce Byers – Mom/Hero

  1. Cindy says:

    This. ^^ I’ve been thinking the same thing! She had to piece together what was going on with her son when the authorities and doctors couldn’t make heads or tails and were dismissive of what she knew to be true. She found a way to make sense of the disorganized artwork and clues from his body and voice to eventually discover the cure. That’s our mission, mama! 💜


  2. chantel@mudpunch says:

    I could eat up Joyce’s frenzy with a spoon, it’s so rich and delicious. I LOVE how smart she is. She figured out how to communicate with Will was flashing the lights. And she took no sh*t when she wanted those lights from her store. And then she figured out that Will was drawing pieces of a larger puzzle and started putting the drawings together. You expect her mind to be mush because she’s so worried and stressed, but she’s as sharp as a tack. Amazing! Totally made me reevaluate Wynona as an actress.


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