March knit Madness


Hi, yes I have a blog, which I do love and want to keep but find it hard to find the time to actually write in it. So here I am, child 1 is at school, child 2 is with an IPAD and I have some thoughts on my knitting.

First of all, I want to knit ALL the things right now. I’m currently working on the 2nd sleeve of my Sipila sweater from Boylandknit Works. I’ll talk about that more in a different post but the long short of it all is that I went into it without doing a proper gauge swatch because when I read the ease in the pattern I thought for sure that if I just closed my eyes and picked a size and used the suggested needles I’d come close enough to that ease that it would be fine.

Insert LAUGH here.


WELL, I love my sweater, I really really really do but come on… why oh why do I think I have a weird “getting gauge” super power. I sure as sh*t do not. SO the result is actually a Negative Ease sweater that I still love but keeps on getting me weird looks when I bring it out. People think it’s for a CHILD and not for me. AHEM.

ANYWAY, I also went ahead and KonMari’d the hell out of my closets and found a long lost WHIP from 2015 – my Flaum. What’s kinda hilarious is that when I went back in my memory – aka my Instagram feed, I saw that I spoke of this sweater last in 2016 and said something like “I’m gonna finish this baby today!” – WHAT A LIAR.

It is in the same condition as it was from this 2016 photograph. One sleeve not done, and one sleeve a mere 2″ away from completion. So here I am in 2019 hoping to finish a sweater that I told EVERYONE on the internet was done already.

SO, I take this bad boy out to get a good look at what needs to be done. On first inspection, I see I’ve already switched to the smaller size for the 1″ cuff on the right sleeve. I get out the measuring tape and see I’m actually 1″ short from that point, so ok, let me grab my larger needles to just knit an extra inch… fine fine.

BUT back in 2015, I knit this sleeve FLAT and seamed it. Probably because I don’t like how my 1×1 knitting looks in the round. It always looks better from the wrong side (damn that knit tension! – fist shake -) – and therefore as I begin to rip I notice that it’s going back and forth and not around and around.

So friends, I just decide to put that sucker back on the needle and knit in the round because who is going to notice an inch or two of in-the-round 1×1 knitting at this point.

So now I feel compelled to finish this sleeve and then do the next and Then have 2 pretty sweaters to wear just as the snow thaws into April.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you. It feels good to get some words down again and to say hello and hit POST. It may not be the prettiest or most well thought out post but it’s me. So hi.

I will now have to wrestle the iPad out of my sons hands and I’m sure deal with the ensuing tantrum. Thanks, Ryan’s Toy Review!



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