Rhinebeck, a blur!

It’s Monday, home from a legit whirlwind at the NY Sheep and Wool festival in Rhinebeck, NY. Holy smokes, it was BUMPing on Saturday. Like we legit had to park on The Streets and not on the lot on Saturday when we decided to roll in all casual at 11:30ish. (Mama needed to sleep in and get her breakfast sandwich, ok!?)

It was so exciting so see the crowd of knitters, crocheters and all around fiber lovers take over the fairgrounds. I had ZERO phone service so mostly it was me wandering around pretending like I knew where I was going and what time meet ups were. (Yes, I thought the Ravelry meet up was at 3… there USED to be one at 3 ok, don’t @ me. I see you Christine! XO)


BUT between meeting up with the lovely Junko lovers on the hill at 1 and then finally having a delicious dinner at Terripin at 5, I got to hug SO many amazing people and gush over our total love of knitting. I even snagged a very tasty apple cider donut and my first falafel, wow so good! I usually go for the burrito bowl which I also highly recommend but it’s good to step outside ones comfort zone.

I saw so many totes around which made my heart soar. I was even stopped a few times which was so fun. It was like a really good party, where each room had a new person you wanted to talk to and there simply wasn’t enough time to do it all.

I made very few purchases because truly I already HAVE SO MUCH YARN at home and had Major Analysis Paralysis but I enjoyed visiting Starcroft for their first NY Sheep Festival show! I had fun squishing and dancing in their booth (as one does). I got some Muckelmarl to finally cast on a Weekender.


I also wandered the food hall again this year. In all the years that I have been going to the NY Sheep and Wool festival I rarely went into the food halls. I have continued the trend from last year to go check out and taste my way around and even came home with some pretty wooden spoons and some elixirs that I hope keep germs away this winter.

The sheer energy of the festival was palpable. If you know me, you know I’m like that GIF from Seinfeld. OH this one:


Legit, all the time. I mean I like to keep it in check mostly because I know not all people are into that energy but I felt it. There was a magic in the air and maybe especially since the community has felt so heavy this year with our necessary discussions on race and diversity – it was wonderful to feel such a connection. Such a tangible joy that weaved it’s way around us was so fun to see in person this weekend.

Knitting has been such a wonderful gateway to many amazing things. To friendships and people I never thought I’d ever meet and to opportunities and avenues still yet to be explored. It has helped me cope with being a caregiver and has connected me to so many STRONG people through The Rare Stitch.

While I realize I love dipping my hand into so many different creative endeavors I still come back to you KNITTING. I can’t quit you and I do not want to.

Also a special shout out to the housemates who never fail to inspire and excite me. Till next year, bitches!

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