Snow Cowl Redux

The temperature today is a mere 14 degrees in New England. My driveway is literally a sheet of ice. (thank goodness for 4WD!) So you better believe I am reaching for every cozy and snuggly piece of warmth in my wardrobe.

Which naturally made me double happy to crank this cowl out. It’s my Snow Cowl in Berroco Coco. I used three balls to make it extra long and cozy. I am one for cowls that really hug you vs. lying low on the neck.

The pattern is a very simple repeat which works well for TV binge watching. (Mandalorian, anyone!?) Whats even better is that I managed to knit this in about 3 hours.

Snow Cowl
Finished measurements 28″ around, 17″ long.
Gauge: 9.5 stitches over 4″
Recommended needle: US 15, 24″ circular
Yarn: Berroco, Coco, 3 balls, color Steppe 4916


CO 60 its using the long tail cast on method. Place beginning of round marker.
Rnds 1 & 2: Knit
Rnds 3 & 4: (P1, K1) rep around
Rnds 5 & 6: Knit
Rnds 7 & 8: (K1, P1) rep around

Repeat from until cowl measures 16.5″ from cast on edge. Bind off loosely.

What I love about this yarn is that while it is bulky it has a lighter feel than a Rowan Big Wool or WAG Crazy Sexy Wool, which makes this cowl feel less dense but still just as warm and cozy.

Have fun knitting! And STAY WARM! Brrrrrr!

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