Bridges… a tutorial of sorts

It’s always fun to look at older knits and see who’se been making them (kinda like getting inspired to love your knit all over again!)  Like the number of new Cherry’s or Fifi’s out there is so cool!  But one knit in particular seems to need a little explination – Bridges in Rowan 42.  I have recieved a few requests on how I incoporated my increases and decreases while keeping the pattern correct and I thought I would share my experience with others!

Close up of Bridge

First, make a gauge swatch in the pattern (the photo above is the finished back… No you Do Not have to make your swatch That Big!).  As you work your swatch begin to recoginize how the stitches from one row relate to another.  For instance, Row One might have you [YO, slip 2, K1, p2sso, YO] making 3 stitches when you’re all said and done… therefore Row Two may have you K3 (So your’e knitting the YO, the P2sso, YO).  Getting to know this pattern will help you when you begin.  For instance, you’ll know you fudged up somewhere if you happen to K3 and your first Knit is the Psso and not the YO.

Still follow me?

The pattern in Bridges is actually a lace pattern… it incorporates a lot of  YOs with K2togs parings..  When I decreased in the pattern for waist shaping I simply removed the YO before the K2tog on each end – keeping in mind that I would work the other stitches in the pattern as they were on my needles.  This allowed the pattern to show pretty much all the way up to the selvage edge.

I then did my increases by doing the YO and instead of  a K2tog I knitted those stitches seperately thus increasing by one stitch.

Another far easier way to do the increasing and decreasing is by keeping 3 or so stitches in the beginning or end of your row in simple stocknette.  It will make seaming much easier and will allow you to remain sane admist the waist shaping and arm shaping – I would just mark that territory with some stitch markers so you don’t inadvertainly add them in somewhere. 

I hope this helps you a bit if you’re knitting it now and encourages others to try this great tunic/vest out! If you still have more questions feel free to email me or if you’re on Ravelry PM me!

The Last Hurrah!

It’s one of those sweltering summer days where it feels like you’re swimming through the air.  It’s a day when the invention of the air conditioner is a close second to the creation of the World itself.  It’s the type of day where rain just adds to the thickness and hair and clothes and ice cream just want to stick to your skin.

It is so not a day for woolen sweaters but really when do I ever follow those type of rules.


The Details:
Pattern: Bridges from Rowan Mag 42
Yarn: Kid Classic, 6 balls
Needles: Size 8 and 7 circs

I made no modifications. Now, don’t be deceived. I do not knit blazingly fast.  In fact sometimes I think I am a slow knitter. I simply am in the midst of my last week of vacation had the time and wanted to get one more FO tagged on to the summer.  This coming Monday all this wonderful knitting time will be cut by more than half.  There will be no more knitting sweaters in the span of two weeks – unless they’re of the super bulky type 😉

The stitch pattern as I mentioned before is very memorizable after the first couple of rows.  The only tricky part I found was doing the increases and decreases and making sure that I wasn’t inadvertently canceling them out with a YO in the end or beginning of the row.  I also found Kid Classic to be a wonderful yarn to work with.  It’s got a lovely feel and is as Nonnahs commented a very squishy feel to it. (Speaking of, go over to her blog and wish her a Wonderful Congratulations or a good toast of wine 😉  – good things do happen to good people!! )

I was a bit worried as I was seaming up this that I just wasn’t going to like it or it just wasn’t going to fit my body type.  I’m about 5’3 and a long sweater like this has the potential to make me look very munchkin like but I really feel it did the opposite and has given me a bit of a longer torso.  In the Rowan mag they have this sweater feature a few times – dressed up in different ways.  It’s all about accessories! 😉

And since I’ve come out of my blog self-photo shell – here’s me trying to be all Derek Zoolander-like. I’m trying very hard to not blurt out laughing.  My good friend Patricia was wonderful as my photographer today.


It truly has been a good knitty run and now it’s time to get back to my day job and try to sneak in the knitting on my nights, weekends and well maybe a few rows under my desk at work. 😉

The ‘Boken is Burning

My needles are melting and it’s all because of Bridge.


The back is finished and the front is about 80% of the way there.  I still have to pick up the stitches around the sleeves and v-neck but I’m hopeful to have it done before I go back to work (tear, Monday!)  All this super-speed knitting will be coming to a woeful end.  But if you’re going to go out with a knit bang why not make it a Rowan knit bang.   The color is waaaay off!  It is more of a baby blue than the greyish-brownish color you see here.  I’m at my parents house today doing some much needed Laundry (woo!) and the lighting conditions aren’t the best. 

Close up of Bridge

One of my favorite parts of this sweater is the stitch pattern.  I love the cable element to it.  And such great texture! I’m usually one to just want to knit stockinette because I love that simple classic fabric that it makes but this stitch really is pleasing.  One more side to to on the front and then we’re seaming and short-rowin’!


As for my non-knitty life….My experience in camping was short lived.  Did you know that you actually have to book a campsite ahead like you would a hotel? You can’t just show up with a tent and plop down anywhere.  Sorry my experienced campers out there but I had no idea!!  Or at least I didn’t think every park would be Booked.

It was a hilarious experience driving from one state park to another – in the end we probably clocked 300 miles on the car and a good 4.5 hours.  We drove out to High Point State park where we finally felt defeated and thus parked along the side of a road near a lake and waited until it got dark to see the Perseid meteor shower.    Just seeing one huge light streak across the sky made it worth every moment in the car. We will though attempt camping again – the right way – Booking ahead!

Ooh gotta add the fabric softener 😉 Have a great Monday!

Some rain, some knits and a Chaperone

Wow.  All I can say is wow.  Thanks for all the knit love!  I mean I do love Cherry but you all just made me blush so much! (or is that sunburn!?) I can’t wait to wear it out now… so um, Weather, no more really hot weather or thunderstorms, ok? I don’t want to have to wake up to a leaky roof again…

On to the knits – now if I could do that nice mirage of photos that Lolly is so good at, I would but somehow I don’t know how (yes I know it’s a flickr toy but between Ravelry, blogging, knitting, living! I don’t have much time to play) BUT there are just so many new and inspiring knits out there for the fall it’s got my fingers itching.  I have about a week and a half left before I go back to work and I wish I could knit double time!

Like Jess over at Fig&Plum I have been pleasantly surprised with the new Rowan Mag 42.  I love it!  It’s got a little bit of everything.  The "there’s no way I’d knit that" bunch as well as a TON of "yup that’s so being put in the Queue".  I actually love it so much I casted on already for Bridges.  Now, that model pic wasn’t what made me want to cast on, it’s the other two versions that their staff members adorn that got me picking out the Kid Classic.


So far so good – I hope! The shaping is pretty straightforward but I get annoyed when its vague like, "maintain pattern but decrease one stitch at each end of the row".  The pattern of the sweater is filled with YOs and Ktogs so if you want to decrease a stitch at each end  you then have to make sure you’re accounting for every YO or Ktog in the row so that you actually DO decrease the stitches.  You get what I’m throwing down?  I’m about 30 rows into the body and I think I’ve finally got it – if not, we rip.

Other than knitting, I actually went to a Broadway show yesterday with my pops.  He’s off from work this week so we did a little father-daughter bonding and saw The Drowsy Chaperone.  It was…. well, OK.  It is entertaining and funny but I probably wouldn’t go see it again. However,  I did enjoy seeing the guy who played Lionel Luther (John Glover) from Smallville though as the Narrator! He’s got some twinkle toes!   

Today I’m laying low.  I’ve got a bit of a headache (all thanks to being a woman!) which needs a dose of Advil.  I may be going camping this weekend so I want to be well rested.  My boyfriend and I are hoping to catch a meteor shower! I actually have never seen one so I’m so excited.

But again,

OH Weather, dear friend, wanna cooperate with me? Please?  I’ll knit you a scarf…. what you don’t wear scarves?  They SO do not make you look bloated! ok fine… how ’bout some socks?