Cinnamon Girl


Woah people, I am in love. It’s real and it’s deep and I am so excited I wanna sing from the roof tops (but I don’t want to scare my neighbors)! The only thing I need now is for the temperature to drop so I can wear this (and buttery leggings) all DAY everyday!

Let’s go back shall we. Long time readers of this space know I am a lover of knits especially ones that are very wearable. I am not a knit “just to knit” kind of girl. I need purpose! I need couture! I need coffee!

I will always choose a garment that I can wear. So, two years ago when I was hanging out with the always wonderful Amy Christoffers ( and she whipped this beauty out and I fell hard. It wasn’t even close to being published and I was all “just take all my money!!” What made the whole situation even sweeter was that it took one ball of Jill Draper’s Empire which I happened to come across over that weekend. Pattern check! Yarn check! It was ON.


I am pretty sure I got home and couldn’t wait to cast on. Soon I had the sleeves and body ribbing done but stopped when I started the cable chart. Something was off and I couldn’t figure it out. My early version had a little hiccup which I totally didn’t have the brain capacity to fix myself so I put it away and went on to other knits.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I ran out of yarn for my current knit (Dotted Rays by Stephen West) I needed something to help keep my knitting mojo up. While searching around for various WIPs I came across the finished sleeves and knitted rib of Cinnamon Girl! Hurrah! A quick Ravelry check and sure enough the pattern was perfection and I was well on my way to my first finished knit in over a year.


Bad Hair Don’t Care! (and oh hey James! :-))

Dudes. I don’t even care how bad my hair looks in this picture. My love for this sweater so big that I didn’t even make the time to fix it before posting!

I almost forgot how Blocking is Everything – and it shows with this sweater. At first when it was done I was worried the sleeves would be too short and snug all around. No, no. A bath in my fig scented Soak opened up those stitches beautifully and now they are almost “too” long but just the way I like it.

I can’t wait to wear this beauty at Rhinebeck this year! It feels SO GOOD to have a finished sweater to show for and wear and know every moment I had a chance to knit it was well worth it.


Project Details:
Pattern – Cinnamon Girl by Amy Christoffers
Yarn – Empire by Jill Draper Makes Stuff


FO: Fable Cardigan


Well I've grown a lot in the last couple of months! 

While I've enjoyed knitting the babe a few things I have also been a bit selfish and made a couple of things for myself. I keep hearing that "things will be different" when the baby comes so might as well capitalize on the knititng time.

I have loved this cardigan ever since I saw Kate wearing it at a workshop held at Patricia's Yarns. I remember at the time she didn't have a pattern written but was working on it. Sure enough a few months later there it was on the Kelbourne Blog! 


The cardigan is simple but stylish and I can already tell a wardrobe staple. I've already worn it so many times and it doesn't bother me that I can't quite button it up!

The only trouble I came across was pooling. I had to alternate skeins for the first time ever to give it a nice continuity. I even paired certain skeins together using the darkest for the collar.

Pattern Details
Fable Cardigan by Kate Gagnon Osborn
Fibre Co. Terra, colorway Butternut
US 6 & US 8 needles
Buttons from JoAnn's. 

I made the 37" size. 

A helpful note for those who make this, for the collar, I picked up 3 for every 4 rows and was pretty much spot on for the stitch count. 

I really can't believe how close it's getting to Baby H's due date. I really truly cannot wait to meet him!


A cardigan for Baby H

Would you be shocked if I told you I have only knitted two things thus far for my darling son to be?

I totally thought I would be churning out knits after knits to the point where the kid would be set until he's 13 and "can't be caught dead in his mother handknits".

Well until then I get to put him in whatever I want. First of which will be this adorable cardigan from Sublime.

I decided to make the newborn size which I realize he'll probably only get to wear once. He's due in March so time is limited before things get all hot here in New England.

I can't wait to be able to see him in his little mock elbow patches.


The pattern is from a Sublime booklet #653. The pattern is called Gilbert

Only a few more weeks to go!



My hearts a flutter

more of my sleeves

Pattern: Flutter Sleeve Cardigan by Sweaterbabe
Yarn: Spud & Chloe, Sweater, 4 balls
Needles: Size 9 circs

Nothing says "I love this sweater to much and can't wait to show the internets" like a  late night bathroom photoshoot!  With the busy weekend I have ahead, the thought of me not being able to blog about this until Monday seemed ridiculous!  I'm suprised I even had the patience to let this fully dry after I blocked it but I knew I had to… it's just so pretty!

I didn't even see this knit coming…  I originally saw it on Ravelry and then saw Hannah's finished one on her blog and I was a woman obsessed. I had mental lists of all the knitting I was going to be doing, scarves, hats, other fantastic cardigans, but you've read it before and you'll read it again, when there's a knit that is as good as this everything else just gets pushed aside!

Flutter Sleeve Cardigan

I started this about three weeks ago and couldn't put it down.  I even took it with me to one of my girlfriends' bachlorette weekends.  It was one of those fun lounging type trips which allowed me to do a little bit of relaxation and knitting.  The pattern is such that it really keeps you entertained the entire way.  Katherine also does a great job at really detailing her instructions – she walks you through every step which makes this a great pattern for any beginner knitter.  I decided to lengthen the sweater about 3 inches in the body.  The original sweater hit me at around my natural waist and after conferring with Patricia and our other knitty friends, we all felt that the beautiful leaf lace would look even better in a more full length sweater.

The yarn is a dream.  It's soft, drapes well and has wonderful stitch definition.  The cotton blend also makes me believe that it will hold up well and not stretch out like most wools do.  I think I found one of my new go to favorite yarns, yea Spud & Chloe!

like butter

Gosh, I am such a cardigan maker/wearer. I just tend to gravitate to the cardigan more so than pullovers.  Perhaps because I know my wardrobe and what I would absoutely wear… so don't be suprised if you see another cardigan debut on this here blog soon too!  Have a great weekend everyone one!