Two FO posts in a row… who am I??


Well I figured with all the wonderful Fall Knitting I am drooling for it was time to finish my main summer knit!  This fabu cardigan traveled with me to Italy spending countless hours at the airport waiting for a flight that at one point felt like it would never come.  It came out a bit at hotels in Rome and Sorrento getting the attention of some the girls who made me promise them to teach them how to knit come September.

It waited patiently while I went on a Zimmermann binge.  Also knowing that I wouldn’t be able to devote precious seaming mindfulness to it while at the beach – not when there were Pancakes and Pina Coladas to be had.  But she knew… she knew how beautiful she would be when done.


Here’s the details:
Pattern: Cherry by Anna Bell of My Fashionable Life
Yarn: Elann Sonata about 7 balls
Needles: Size 3s and 5s circs

The pattern was very well written.  You have to though be mindful of how the pattern works with the increases and decreases as there is no explicit detail. I loved how it’s shaped truly brings out the feminine character in this sweater. I already know this is going to be worn a lot this fall.

The yarn was surprising to me.  I used Elann Sonata and it worked out very nicely.  I am someone who believes that a beautiful pattern deserves a beautiful yarn (aka $$).  That’s not to say that you can’t get a yarn that’s less than 3 dollars a ball and it not work well but usually that’s not the case!  The only qualm I have is the knots…. seriously – it would be about a YARD in and there would be a knot.  You kiddin’ me man!  Obviously that didn’t hold me back but just something to think about for your knot-conscience.


The buttons and ribbon were acquired on my latest trip to MJ Trimmings.  I actually had bought two colors for this top but the other ribbon as you now know has made a home in the Coquette Tube Top.  I will go back though to get more because I like the idea of changing that up to change the "flair" of the piece.


OH look it’s me.  I figured since I do all the headless knitter shots might as well give you all something to look at – oh and to show off my tan 😉  Now what to knit next….

The Readjustment

It’s taken me a bit longer that expected to get back into the flow of blogging.  I’ve been feeling a bit restless this past week like I needed to be doing more with my time. The result I’m sure of going cold turkey from a trip that was scheduled minute by minute.   I was so overly happy to be home that I became numb.  My mind and body were in denial that trip was over.  As a result, I really have been quite lazy these last few days but I think that’s just to compensate for the get up and go at 7am mode I was in in Italy.


I have been working on Cherry, happily getting back into the project after getting her out of my safely home checked luggage.  I didn’t chance taking the project in my carry on via Heathrow considering the circumstances at the time.  I am done with the back and sleeves and am working on the fronts at the same time.  I have to be very mindful of the pattern though as the increases/decrease and the pattern repeat are all somewhat unique with each side.  It’s all matching but you have to multi-task. Increase here, cable there, etc.

Now though is the fun part of deciding which buttons to choose!  A trip to M&J trimmings is in order I think.  As for the "belt", I’ve seen so many pretty versions of this sweater and really loved the ribbon substitute for the i-cord.  Perhaps I’ll pick a few different ribbon colors to change up the look a bit.

I’m also on the hunt for my next big knit. Frankly I don’t think there’s ever a time where I’m not thinking about what I want to knit next. I am constantly having a click fest on Ravelry and it seems that my queue is being added to everyday and yet I’ll probably cast on next for something I didn’t even see coming.  It excites me a bit that I too may be starting some obsessions – I
love how popular the "Fifi" pattern has become! Yea! KNIT IT. It’s
truly a fabulous and simple satisfying knit.  I saw that it’s been
linked on many blogs and the designer’s website too! (

As for what’s in my knitty brain right now… I have yarn for the Razor Cami that just may be on deck but I’ve also been eyeing some really pretty cherry Koigu at my LYS that is tempting me to make either socks or a head band.

Who knows maybe I’ll finish the 2nd Monkey sock that’s been waiting patiently for me to get over my second sock syndrome?  Or maybe a gift for my dear mom who’s birthday is in two weeks… Or that Fitted Knits tube top that I so know my friend Dana is going to want to make with me (no need to finish Glee, we’ll save that for the fall – this is just screaming summer knit!) …  oh there’s lots floating around this poor head of mine.

This restless mind must try to take things knit by knit. But knowing that I don’t have to set my alarm clock for anything work related for a few more weeks now that makes my little lazy heart smile.

When will then be Now?

It’s only one more day until I embark on my fabulous trip to Italia! My packing is not nearly done but I got my passport and euros!  I’m very anxious about getting there and doing all the fabulous sightseeing but cannot help feeling nervous about being the "responsible adult".   I guess that should come with the territory of being one of several chaperones for the 30+ female teenagers going. I can just see me scolding one of them to "get off the back of that vespa, do you even Know him?"

Of course I am beyond excited about touring a country I’ve never been to.  I did a little research on yarn shops and have chosen only two to try to go see in Rome. Lana Della Vecchia has been mentioned on a few blogs and looks like a must see and perhaps purchase place. The other is Filati Filpucci a suggestion by Yuvee.  I figured I wasn’t going to make a huge list of shops because I really don’t know how much free time in Rome I will have.  I will just have to plan another trip to Italy… I’m thinking next time, Florence!

Cherry WIP

I’m almost done with the back of Cherry and want to maybe finish that before I go so I can work on the fronts and sleeves while I’m away.  I also am bringing a new project with me.  The Rutabaga bag from the spring 2007 Knitscene.  It’s time I took the great advice of the Worsted Witch’s blog and become a little more eco friendly.  (Also my dear friend Patricia said it’s time I stop using plastic bags!)


I probably won’t be able to do much checking of emails while I’m away so keep on knitting and creating and I cannot wait to get back to see new updates and to tell you all of my Italian travels! 

For now when I should be packing I feel more like prepping the pallet for the goodies that are in store.


I hope everyone has a lovely end of June and one Happy 4th of July!!  Talk to you Soon!


New knits and Summer Reading

You can truly make a girl feel good about her knits! Thank you thank you thank you! I think we broke my comment meter 😉  I know I’ll be rocking Fifi a ton this fall and maybe cooler summer nights.  There really is nothing better than wraping yourself up in Calmer!

Now is the fun, "what shall I knit next" part.  I’m very picky about what I like to knit.  It must be something that I get excited about – there’s seriously nothing better than feeling so ensconsed in your knitting.  Others might find you crazy and a loof but you and I all know how good it is to be making something you love.

I also can only knit things that I can see myself wearing.  Often times that means some boring stocknette stitching but on other occations (hi Fifi!) it means a little bit more mindfulness.  I also like to try knit things that I may need in my wardrobe.   I found that I wore my CPH hoodie a ton and therefore realize that cardigans would do very well in the ‘wearing’ catergory. Here is the beginnings of Cherry by Anna Bell.


I’m using Elann Sonata and so far it’s holding up well.  It’s a very inexpensive yarn and I was worried about the "pay for what you get" quality – but my blocked gauge swatch has a pretty sheen and drape to it so I think it’s going to work out. I got a good start on the back last night and already loving how it’s coming out.

I feel though I may have cast on Frenzy after this. On Saturday I picked up two new knitting books from B&N.  I had a gift card and well what’s we do when we get gift cards… buy knitting  books.

The first book that I was on the hunt for was Fitted Knits by Stephanie Japel…  there are just too many in that book that are screaming to be casted on.  My favs were her Simple Rectangle Tunic and the lacy tube top.

The other book was a last minute spotted out of the corner of my eye impulse purchase – Twinkle’s Big City Knits.  After doing much research on the internets it seems that a lot of people were taken in by this great book and let down by it’s pattern writting but happy with their FOs.   What a knitty emotional roller coaster! I guess my Rowan Vintage Knits experience has been about the same… I have yet ripped up Cherie but she’s soooo needs a full body tune up if I’m going to actually be able to wear her.

I loved 3 patterns out of the Twinkle book: Twiggy Tunic, Shopper Tunic and of course the Bestfriend Cardigan (the Balthazar Vest also got a double take too).  If anything I will probably start with the Twiggy Tunic.  The pattern says to use a DK weight held 4 strands together… but it also says that you can subsitute that with a yarn like Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, but single stranded.  Now I’m still pretty suspect that 4 DK strands would equal one Cotton Fleece strand (and mind you on size 15 needles!).  However, I’m willing to experiement – I just love the cables!!  I would like to use a silk/cotton blend and have been searching the internets for something – any suggestions?   I mean 14 balls of Twinkle Cruise seems a bit too much.

However, I may get a few balls to at least see what that yarn is all about.  In my preperation for Italy I realized that I need to bring a shrug with me in order to wear my pretty thinly strapped dresses around and not worry about when we enter churches or the Vatican.  I want to cover my shoulders in style so am contemplating a few shrug patterns.  Of course I do have my fiery bolero, but I want something more airy and lacy.  I’m eying right now the  Little Lace Shrug which I actually think the Twinkle Cruise might go very well with (perhaps only double stranded… ha).  I’m also going back to my collection of IKs which I’m sure will have a few options there. 

If you got a favorite lacy shrug, let me know 🙂

Endings and Beginnings

It is June (well tomorrow it is).  The seniors are finishing their finals and will be graduating on Saturday. They having been toting around their yearbooks requesting last minute advice and best wishes to be written for them to reminisce over later.  The underclassmen are spending their last days getting ready for their exams and talking about their "big plans" for being that great Sophomore or Junior next year.  Hallways are getting quieter as each day brings us closer to the day where the school is empty and the girls are off to their respective places of vacation. Everyone is getting ready for class free days which will be filled with trips, summer reading and laziness.

Moulin Rouge

This June starts with me saying good bye to my first class of seniors who’ve I’ve met as freshman.  The transformation that one witnesses over four years of high school is quite numbing.  The growth and maturity that springs forth is stifling. They start out all giggly little 14 year olds and leave sophisticated believing they know it all 17 year olds.  I say good bye to them with all my hopes and blessings for their life beyond our hallways.

Offices are being cleaned of their clutter, with furniture being straighted and dusted.  Once busy bulletin boards are now covered in simple white sheets of paper for their summer hibernation.  June also ushers in a beginnings of sorts.  Like the purchase of a blank crisp notebook, June can offer excitement for a year of new and fresh ideas.  It’s planning time for September, for correcting the past years mistakes and for being a bit wiser for having another year under our belts.

Tweed Stitch Belt

I often work during this month with a huge battle with focus.  I yearn to be outside spending my time soaking up the sun and leaving school behind like most of my students.  It’s the knowledge that I too will have a summer vacation – a time where the school will be closed and I just will not be here that intoxicates.  These are the days of pure freedom!  Of sleeping in, semi-guilt free happy hour and lots of time to knit and enjoy!  I’ve started a few new projects in the wake of Fifi’s completion. (click pics for details)  Things that will accompany me to parks and beaches and Italy!

Cherry Swatch

I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that I will be traveling with 40 of my students to the beautiful country of Italy!  We will be touring every museum, church and fountain of the beautiful cities of Rome, Sorrento, Pompeii, Capri, Palermo, and Taormina to name a few.  Will I be tired?  Oh yes.   I’ve already begun a list of yarn shops that I hope to visit in what ever free time I will get.  I plan on bringing an extra piece of luggage – you know, just in case.