Flashback Friday: Juliet

Remember when Juliet was huge?

Hey Juliet

It was a time just before Ravelry where you would see it pop up on knit blogs and become it's own form of viral. At the time the designers went by Zephyr Gals and this to be sure was a huge hit for them.

Made in 2007
Yarn: Rowan Cocoon
Pattern: Juliet by Sarah Moore 
Ravelry Link

I remember the knitting being pretty easy but the ribbon for the buttons was a pain in the toosh! I wasn't confident on how to attach the ribbon and really just stitched it where I could. It held for this photo but wasn't all that awesome when I wore it IRL. I always had to adjust it to make sure it wasn't going to show.

This sweater is pretty classic and from the looks of it on Ravelry, this pattern is still going strong. 

Not to digress but, this shot was taken at one of my old Hoboken apartments. A real crap hole, I remember having mice and roaches… yuck! BUT it was one block away from the yarn shop and across the street from Boston Market (which is now a 7-11!) So while I was slumming it for sure, it's location couldn't be beat. Not to mention, my husband proposed to me in that apartment!

Flashback Friday: Fifi


Made in 2007
Pattern: Fifi by French Girl
Yarn: Rowan Calmer
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This was the knit that first introduced me to my SFAM (sister from another mother) Nonnahs! As we began to read each others blogs and view our notebooks and saved projects we found we had the exact same taste! So of course when I saw her Fifi I loved it so much that I immediately casted on one for myself.

Moulin Rouge

I still have this knit and will throw it on every once in a while. It is a great top down seamless tee. Perfect for that cool Fall day when all you need is a kiss of warmth. 

Flashback Friday: Cherry


OH how tan I was!

Cherry made in 2007
Yarn: Elann Sonatta
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This is sweater is one of my most 'hearted' projects in my Ravelry notebook (2nd to my Heather Hoodie Vest). A beautiful short sleeved cardigan sweater by the wonderful Anna Bell. 

I remember even now working on the sleeves during my epic 10 hr delay in Heathrow airport. I was the chaperone for a school trip taking 43 girls to Italy for two weeks.  Did I ever tell you all about that experience? Due to some breakdown in the baggage area in Heathrow there was all hell breaking loose. So much so that for half of us on the trip had to wait an extra week to receive our luggage. Take a moment and think about this: 20 teenage girls without their luggage for One Week. TWENTY.


I learned patience, compassion and love that week. I saw girls who willingly gave of themselves (and their clothes) to those who saw this as the most devastating moment of their lives. Some pieces of luggage never made it back to their owners. I'm sure they shared their story in many a college application essay.

But let's get back to the sweater shall we? I love love love this piece – such a great construction and beautiful design. The yarn and sweater have held up beautifully since. 

I'm currently in Portland leaving for SF tonight. This city is facinating to me. I'll speak more on that on Monday. I also have a finished and blocked Aidez to share… luvre luvre love.

have a great weekend!

Flashback Friday: Rusted Root

Rusted Root

Made in October 2006
Pattern: Rusted Root
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece 

After posting last Friday the "FO's around blogland" I decided to dig out my Rusted Root sweater from the archives. It turns out it was the 2nd sweater I ever made. It is a great beginner sweater because it is knit in the round from the top and has one panel of "tough stitches". You can even try it on as you go to make sure you're getting just the right fit. I highly recommend it!

As a side note: My first sweater which has no model shots was the Nothin' But a T-shirt which I HAD to make exactly like the former My Fashionable Life and now Needle & Hook, Anna.

Also, Please notice the MESSY bedroom in the background. This was the first apartment I ever had and obviously let it go to crap while I got my knit on. A girls got only so many minutes in the day 😉

Flashback Friday

Leaf Lace Pullover

Made in January 2007
Leaf Lace Pullover by Teva Duhram (from Loop-D-Loop)
Sheep Shop 2 (now discontinued!)
US 11 (8.0mm)
Ravelry Link 

In reviewing Teva's new Loop-d-Loop book I started thinking about other things I've knit from her. Perfect for Flashback Friday, this was the sweater that made me fall in love with Teva Durham! It was also one of the quickest sweaters I've ever done.

What's so cool about this sweater is it's construction. You work the top and then the bottom seperately and graft them together in the middle. I was pretty proud that you couldn't *quite* see where it was seamed unless you really were looking for it. It amazed me so much how Teva could think outside of the box like that. Again, the pure artist in her.


The yarn I made it in was Sheep Shop 2. When Patricia got her first shipment of Sheep Shop, I had immediately connected the yarn to this project. It's too bad that since then the yarn and company are now defunct.

I am excited to knit something from her new book, which is chock full of great designs like this one.

Happy Knitting!

Flashback Friday


The year was 2006. I was just starting to fall in love with knitting and decided to make the then "have to make it now" shawl Birch (which is now a free download!).  Many balls of Kid Silk Haze were purchased and knitting commenced.

If I can remember correctly you had to cast on something like 299 stitches. As a newbie knitter you'd have thought that number would have been intimidating to a gal like me.  And boy, after the first two attempts of casting on on it was. I remember having to pour a huge cup of strong coffee in order to concentrate because if you've ever worked with Kid Silk Haze before you know. If you screw up you pretty much have to break the yarn and start over. (At least that's what I had to do!)


After the cast on it went pretty smoothly – the stitch pattern was very easy to remember and the wrong side rows were all purl (and at first that was one LOOOONG purl row!)

Once finished and blocked I remember thinking how HUGE the shawl was when finished. Too big to wear. If I ever decide to make it again I will definitely be casting on less stitches. 

The shawl is currently on display at Patricia's Yarns in Hoboken, NJ should you all want to go see it!