Friday Links: Photography


As I'm getting back to the swing of things it's time I brought back Friday posts, too! Remember my Flashback Fridays?? I love digging out old sweaters/projects for you guys to see. Gives them a little time in the sun again, so as I line a few of those up I thought in the mean time a Friday Links post would do!

I've been thinking a lot about my photography lately. Really on how to make my shots better but also how to make it easier to get the shot from the camera to the blog. I don't have oodles of time anymore and I need to fine the easiest way to get them uploaded and processed. I've even contemplated getting the new Nokia Lumia 1020 (14 megapixals! It's more than my SLR right now!) but I don't have AT&T. My cameraphone isn't a slouch but still it's not all that great either (see above).

It is a talent to get the right shot. So much goes into a photograph. Where should I stand? Where should I put the subject in my frame? How much light do I need? How can I get a blurred background? What equipment should I buy? Well below are a few places that haven given me some insight into all that… and honestly the big take away: Just experiement! 

Depth of Field Calculator

Shoot It! Caro's Photography Class via Craftsy

15 Great tips on Photography

Pioneer Woman Photography

Of course a Pinterest search of Photography will give you all sorts of good ideas and tips!

Get out and shoot! xo


PS. If you recoginze the above sweater then you'll be happy to know it's revision is almost done!

Friday Links: Beautiful Knitting

There are some really beautiful patterns and pattern books popping up around the interwebs recently. Here's a little rundown of what you should be casting on like yesterday.

Wool 4
Yet another fabulous collaboration between Cecily Gowlick MacDonald and Melissa LaBarre for Quince & Co. Find the lookbook here and commence drooling.  


photo courtesy of Quince & Co.

Kelbourne Woolens Volume 1
Looks like the ladies over at KW are giving us a "greatest hits" of their patterns. I love their asthetic and now you can have them all in one booklet! Check out the lookbook here.


photo courtesy of Kelbourne Woolens

Mixed Drinks
While this is only a preview I cannot wait to see what the collaboration of Thea Coleman and Amy Christoffers brings! A new jist on your basic knitting pattern, Thea brings us Mixed Drinks. Taking one motif be it a shape, cable, lace pattern, etc. and allowing the designer to create what they may! I am so looking forward to all the "recipies"!


photo courtesy of Babycocktails

Botanical Knits
Alana Dakos has just come out with 12 new patterns for us to oogle over. From hats to scarfs to sweaters her latest work features beautiful leaf motifs incorporated into modern and flattering knitwear.

Autumns End

photo courtesy of NeverNotKnitting

I don't know about you but I've got a ton of queueing to do!!

Friday Links: Things I’d Like to Make This Weekend


Coffee & Lavender Sugar Body Scrub : Joy the Baker 

A kicked up summer coozie! : Make Grow Gather

A pitcher of Sangira : Brunellos Have More Fun

More Friendship Bracelets for RockAndPurl's Swap : RockAndPurl

Toilet Paper Roll Creatures : Craft

I did come home with some goodies from the Oakland Fiber Fest, BTW. Another beautiful skein of yarn from Sincere Sheep and a super cute needle gauge from Girl on the Rocks! Lurve!

Friday Links: FOs From Around Blogland!

words to live by

There used to be a time when knit blogs exploded with finished knits and posts. Work in progress shots, discussions on which yarns to choose, and how the project was shaping up, kept my Bloglines feed alive with posts that made my work productivity low. 

I suppose it was the gift/curse of Ravelry. It allowed people to post their projects so easily for all to see without having to create a blog post. Soon you didn't need a blog to showcase your knits – it could be done easily with a post to your notebook. Suddenly my Bloglines feed updated less and less as the blogs became quiet. (Funny at about the same time I got a promotion at work… I kid, I kid.)

Some people think I'm a part of a "dying breed", but I know better. There are SO many of us still out there updating our little corner of the internet with our knit stories. One of my favorite things to do is to read the comments section on blogs I'm subcribed to and click on a random commenter. I go to their blog and click through to another blog. Click, click, click – going from one blog to the next. I found Dear Knits Tara that way and to be honest I can't imagine not reading her blog! 

The internet is a vast world with so many nooks and crannies and it's easy to get wrapped up in your "circle" of sites. Sometimes you need to click through and branch out.

With that said I give you my For the Love of Knit Blogs FO posts! I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite FOs from the blogs I read.  Some of them I'm sure you all know, while others may be new to you! Either way, enjoy! (and maybe even comment here, there, everywhere! We all are lovers of comments – helps the "garden grow"!)

Bestitched – Kristen's Birthday Sweater

Knitted Bliss Julie's Wasabi Cream and Sugar Cowl

Persimmontea's Rusted Root 

Mia's – Field of Daisys

Tara's Thanks Teach Totes (I know it's sewing but so cute!)

Helen's Offset Wraplan

Alex's Darla (which is a new pattern too! very cool!)

Jessica's Sheep Yokes x2

Vickie's Boy-O-Boy 

keep on knitting!

PS. I will SO have some FO posts next week, for now above is my swatch for my Melanie's Wrap in Quince & Co. Lark left over from my Belfast Hoodie. And that amazing bag? It's Knitterella Jill's amazing project bag, go get one!

Friday Links: Doing & Making

Inhabitat, Earth Day, Jill Fehrenbacher, Emily Pilloton, Jorge Chapa, Tylene Levesque, Mike Chino, Haily Zaki, Abigail Doan, Mahesh Basantani, Ali Kriscenski, earthday2008

(image via

Happy Earth Day! This Friday's links include some things I would do if I could actually put my knitting needles down. 

This couple built a huge console for their living room and even "weathered" their wood. Yup. I am lazy.

I love these paper flowers and am now envisioning a knitted version.

This made my husband go "woah." I will be making it for him soon. I mean it has biscusts – cream cheese biscusts!

Just click, I really don't think this needs a lead in other than: holy yodel!

I can't wait for May so that I can begin to participate in this!

And becasue it's also Easter, time to decorate some eggs!

Friday Links: Foods that makes me happy

Baltic Beret

I made this vegetable lasagna for my husband this week. He renewed his wedding vows at the dinner table. I now realize that the Pioneer Woman will never lead me wrong. Exhibit 2: Pecan Pie

I plan on making these cute Sheep Cupcakes when my Hoboken knitting friends come to visit! (via Dear Knits)

I could eat breakfast every meal of the day.

For next Sunday. And yes, Mom, I will be going to that huge cathedral right down the block.

And of course drinkies, too:

When you're trying to kick your Coca Cola habit, try these! (via T is for Teacher)

Is it wrong that I want these classic brunch drinks everyday?


My Baltic Beret hat is finished and now is in the hands of the Kelbourne Woolen ladies! If you're in the Bay Area tonight they are signing their book, Vintage Modern Knits, at a Verb for Keeping Warm in Oakland! Hope to see a few of you there!

Friday Links: Knitting Techniques Edition

Baltic Beret

I know I've mentioned time and again things I think all knitters should know.  So instead of having you go google crazy I did ya'll a favor and listed my favorites right here.  Actually, I did myself this favor because now when I want to remember how to do something I don't have to go google crazy. Yea!

How to Magic Loop

Cabling Without a Cable Needle

Tubular Cast On

Weaving in Ends (I love Techniques with Teresa!)

Fair Isle – Yarn Dominance

Judy's Magic Cast On (Is there anyone as fun as Cat Bordhi?)

Crochet Provisional Cast On

Kitchner Stitch (It's good to keep this link bookmarked!)

In case you're in need of a chuckle (via my friend Jess)

Speaking of Fair Isle, I've started a new hat from the Vintage Modern Knits book, the Baltic Beret. Another win from the Kelbourne Woolen ladies!

Happy Friday! Random Links Edition

H Bag from Heath Ceramics

I bought this bag while at the Ferry Buildilng from Heath Cermaics. I have a love for all things H.

I may be making these later today.  Bacon Cinamon Rolls. You heard me… BACON CINAMON ROLLS!

Speaking of making – I like the fishes that are SO delicious (and homemade!)

My plan on being a wine sommelier just got a huge push!

I am very much into stripes right now.

Both the new Twist Colletive and Knitscene magazines are out! I want to knit everything.

First, I must finish Leah's cardigan!