FO: Kirigami Pullover

Talk about love at first sight! I normally love pretty much all things Brooklyn Tweed but the latest look book had be at hello with Gudrun’s Kirigami sweater. It’s been FOR-ever since I made a pullover for myself and saw that as a perfect re-introduction. Plus, I have test knitted for Gudrun in the past and know her patterns are always spot on.

I decided to go with the yarn it’s called for, Arbor, which is Brooklyn Tweed’s newer DK weight yarn. I knitted my swatch in the suggested needle size (US 5) and saw my swatch bloom with a wash. I was hesitant to go down a needle size because I figured since I was working the pattern in the round vs flat like my swatch – the difference of in-the-round tension would make up the difference. But let’s be honest here, I was also impatient and decided to go ahead and cast on a sleeve. Sure enough my sleeve gauge was on (Pre-Blocking) so naturally I decided to just go forward with the knitting!

I didn’t do anything fiddly like start with the yoke first (although I see you out there with your provisional cast ons! Brilliant!). I kinda love being “bossed around” with my knitting so I pretty much followed the pattern to the T. I did however do my sleeves first which is always a good idea when working from the bottom up in the round. If you’ve ever ended up on “sleeve island” than you know exactly what I mean!

I decided to knit the 41” as I am typically a 36” bust and wanted something more slouchy than the smaller size which was a 37” bust.

The yoke has such beauty and texture which I find is so flattering.

SO people, let’s have the true confession. I knew I didn’t *quite* get gauge, and yet I still went ahead with knitting… so all day yesterday while this girlie blocked I was sweating bullets because sure enough the whole thing bloomed to another size completely! I didn’t pin it out – more like every once in a while I kept going back to smoosh it smaller and smaller.  Even now, all dried it is a bit too large for me but I still LOVE IT and will wear it a lot. The yarn, Arbor, is so soft and I can tell will get even softer with wear.

Am I a little bummed it’s not exactly the size I wanted, of course. I didn’t stop myself when I should have but I actually love this sweater so much I am thinking of making another in a smaller size with a different color.

It’s just so classic and I can see myself wanting to wear it again and again. But let it be a lesson for you all – Trust Your Gauge (!!!) and definitely do a gauge swatch if you’re making a sweater. Don’t be like me and pretend it’s going to work because it will not.

Oh knitting, I do love you so. It was really wonderful to get back into a project so deeply that I totally nearly ignored my children.



Cinnamon Girl


Woah people, I am in love. It’s real and it’s deep and I am so excited I wanna sing from the roof tops (but I don’t want to scare my neighbors)! The only thing I need now is for the temperature to drop so I can wear this (and buttery leggings) all DAY everyday!

Let’s go back shall we. Long time readers of this space know I am a lover of knits especially ones that are very wearable. I am not a knit “just to knit” kind of girl. I need purpose! I need couture! I need coffee!

I will always choose a garment that I can wear. So, two years ago when I was hanging out with the always wonderful Amy Christoffers ( and she whipped this beauty out and I fell hard. It wasn’t even close to being published and I was all “just take all my money!!” What made the whole situation even sweeter was that it took one ball of Jill Draper’s Empire which I happened to come across over that weekend. Pattern check! Yarn check! It was ON.


I am pretty sure I got home and couldn’t wait to cast on. Soon I had the sleeves and body ribbing done but stopped when I started the cable chart. Something was off and I couldn’t figure it out. My early version had a little hiccup which I totally didn’t have the brain capacity to fix myself so I put it away and went on to other knits.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I ran out of yarn for my current knit (Dotted Rays by Stephen West) I needed something to help keep my knitting mojo up. While searching around for various WIPs I came across the finished sleeves and knitted rib of Cinnamon Girl! Hurrah! A quick Ravelry check and sure enough the pattern was perfection and I was well on my way to my first finished knit in over a year.


Bad Hair Don’t Care! (and oh hey James! :-))

Dudes. I don’t even care how bad my hair looks in this picture. My love for this sweater so big that I didn’t even make the time to fix it before posting!

I almost forgot how Blocking is Everything – and it shows with this sweater. At first when it was done I was worried the sleeves would be too short and snug all around. No, no. A bath in my fig scented Soak opened up those stitches beautifully and now they are almost “too” long but just the way I like it.

I can’t wait to wear this beauty at Rhinebeck this year! It feels SO GOOD to have a finished sweater to show for and wear and know every moment I had a chance to knit it was well worth it.


Project Details:
Pattern – Cinnamon Girl by Amy Christoffers
Yarn – Empire by Jill Draper Makes Stuff


Waiting for the goods

Have you ever felt that you missed out on a knit?  Like missing the deadline for a sock exchange or not being able to buy that knitting book because it’s out of print and may never be printed again?  Such drama that can arise in the knit world. 

I had seen the knitted robots by Jess Hutch on a few blogs and felt the urge to make one but alas, no patterns available.  It wasn’t even on Ebay.  I remember how my friend Patricia said that it was near impossible to get now that they were all sold out.  Imagine my surprise to see it then on the cover of Craft magazine.  I was definitely one of those people who was duped into buying it thinking that pattern was inside but alas, no… False advertising? A whopping Yes from me!  I’m not completely dissin’ on Craft mag because I do loved the other projects within, but really now… it was so misleading.

Sadly, I have to wait like everyone else to see if she’ll reprint this fabulous toy book of hers. (Please do, Jess! Adoring fans are waiting :-))

Her book of course isn’t the only one that I am talking about.  There are other great knitting books that have either been out of print for sometime or have recently gone out of print.  Mostly Mittens is another such title (Did you see it’s over on Amazon, used for $205! whaa!)  I’m not all so bummed out though since there are new titles out everyday that contain a wealth of great patterns which make not being able to get some of the other coveted titles not as hard to bare. (but can I tell you how envious I get of those who do have them! you know who you are ;-))  But, I’m a very patient girl.  Just ask my friends.

Oh! I heard back from Kim Hargreaves, which is so thrilling to me because in what other industry does one of the leading desingers actually have acess to or is able to commuicate with a normal everyday person of the craft.  If I were making an at home film and wanted to ask Spielberg a question do you think he’d respond?  Anyway, point being it’s true that her kits are sold together… no seperate pattern for me but I get that if you’re growing a business there are things you have to set standards for and hope your consumer understands.  I actually might just get the kit anyway since I’m considering more and more finishing that Blanket Cardigan for my mom after seeing the Philistine’s.

The knit world is no different from any other industry – there are things that are currently available and others that aren’t.  Example: have you tried getting an copy of the orignial Fletch movie? Impossible.  Out of print! (plea for Chevy Chase!)

I will keep knitting Cherie while I wait for all these things.  The back is complete and now to start the front (can’t winter break be Every Week, I’m getting massive amounts of knitting done!).  Being straight stockenette I thought I would go nuts but I  love mindless knits on a vacation week.  Keeps the brain on a low function frequency.

batting .200

After hitting a few home runs, I’ve found my self in a knitting slump. I was crusing along knitting to my hearts desire, whipping out FOs here and there and now I’m like "Ehe".  The problem I know has to do with the small needles and the teenie tiny yarn that I’m working with for both the sock and the beret pattern.  Worsted and Bulky weight will do that to you – especially the bulky.  Shame on you bulky.  Why do you just give in so?  So eager and apt to please me like you do.

It’s like I have Phenominal Cosmic Knitting Powers, itty bitty knitting mojo.  I need a dosage of "knits-i-would-stay-up-for-all-night" or some might call, "Start-itis". Please someone infect me!   Glee has the potiential but alas no yarn so I must find something in between to kick start the fire.  I want to be overwhelmed as I have been in the past and those past potential knits are still out there but the flame has sizzled a bit.  Enter a new to me book Classic Knits by Erika Night, I haven’t even see it yet but for my J.Crew/Banana Republic influence wardrobe I feel like it might be just the thing.


After reading a few book reviews on the internets I think a quick trip to B&N with my gift card might be in order!  I’ve seen her Glamrous Knit book and know she’s a woman of great designer talent. Somehow though her other book didn’t seem to have many practical things-I-would-wear knits where this does.

I am finding so much gratifcation with my CPH that I want to have other everyday sweaters in my wardrobe. It’s so thrilling and fun to wear something you’ve knit and actually LOVE wearing it.  I think it’s time to do a little shopping ;-).

Famous Whenever Words

You must be asking yourself, "after the speed at which she knit the Leaf Lace Pullover (remember Bulky wool!), how long must it take her to get a decent picture of it for all to see?"  Can I confess something?  While it’s all seamed up and ready to go, the obsticle that has slowed me down is the friggin’ button.  I did get one over the weekend but found that none of the needles I had could fit through the little holes and I haven’t had a moment to go to a store to get some proper needles. I’m not making any true promises to anyone as I can barely keep those promises to myself.  So blame the button and part my procrastnation. "Why do today, what can be put off until tomorrow?"

It’s supposed to snow royally here which will be fun if I can get a day off (yea working at schools!) or not fun (Ugh, driving to work in snow!) if I must come in.  Obviously a Snow Day will be used knitting up other fun things like mittens, another monkey sock and maybe finising a 2nd BF hat.  The little immediate gratification knits, how I love thee.

I’m still waiting on an order for starting Glee ("patience is a virtue") and I also still need to measure my BF for his potential sweater (which frankly i’m not starting juuuust yet, yes yes I believe, I believe, no sweater for the boyfriend).  I have been though at least swatching for it.  I’m using it as practice. I’m trying hard to get into a rhythm for continental knitting.  I am normally an english knitter and feel pretty darn good about it, but know that it’s always good to learn new things and become more versitile.  "One should never feel like they’ve learned "enough" of anything!"  So I have resorted to just knitting continental for now… believe me it’s getting easier but I always feel like changing back to the Old Ways.  Hey, "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it."


Outside of my knitty life things in tentenknits land are changing.  My apartment lease is up and it’s time to get a move on.  It’s truly sad because I love (Love!) my current apartment.  It is big and the location is great, but the owners have decided to sell my building and therefore I’m out on my tutkis. I’m hoping to strike gold a second time with the hope of finding another apartment with such luxuries (Cross my fingers, toes and knitting needles).  As they say, "Change is good."

What mottos do you live by?

i love me some lists

the knitting for my bro’s fab scarf is continuing… don’t want to bore you with the details.  it remains my only knitting project for now.  i can’t wait to finish it and show you.  it’s simply beautiful.

i am however making a mental knit-list which keeps growing and growing with every click. 

1. endpaper mitts by the fabulous eunny yang.  i cannot stop thinking of these and saw another pair knitted up and am now obsessed.

2. central park – i’ve been scheming with Fricknits over this one.  it will be done in the new year. oh yes it will be done.

3. Monkey – not only do i love the name but it’s been a while since i’ve felt inspired to do some socks. yea knitty!

4. shedir – this is going to be a christmas knit (stop your laughing, i am going to finish… 12 more days right?  Twelve long days… I have the calmer ready and waiting.) I’m excited to do this one too with my new found libration from cable needles!

5. Santa Hat – I really love the one from Handknit Holidays and am hoping to pick up some Blue Sky from my LYS to do this one for the big day too. (noted two hats in 12 days, plus finishing scarf)

6. Odessa, although I didn’t really love LOVE the pattern, I gave my hat to someone and just loved it on them so I figured I’d gift one more for Christmas (ok, three hats one scarf 12 Days)

I also bought this really great skein when I was in VT.  It’s probably only good for a short scarf. I love the colors: pinks, browns, and creams. This would be for me but with the above list I think it’s gonna have to wait.

Sorry this post is sans pics, it’s really gloomy here today so it’s really a no go. Hopefully by the weekend I’ll have some decent light.  Perhaps some from work shots tomorrow.  It’s a 12:30 dismissal and our Christmas party… I hear there’s going to be wine!   

Now to ponder while I work the scarf: Fringe or Not to Fringe?

my reward

Fiery Bolero

It’s been a long, busy, tiring week.  I had no time for knitting nor blogging.  Work was emotionally and energy draining. I ordered a lot of  dinners to tired to cook and have gone to sleep early (except for Thursday*).  There was just no time. So on this beautiful and unseasonably warm Saturday morning, I awoke and realized: I have time. 

Boleroooooooooooooo! I get so impatient when making a top like this.  I’m constantly trying to wear it before it’s done just to see if I’m on the right track.  Even then I could never truly get a good idea.  So when you get to that moment, when it’s all seamed up, when you slip your arms in the sleeves and turn to the mirror, it’s just so wonderful when you see something so simple and beautiful back.

I made the second size up and I did have some row gauge issues but with some encouragement I made some adjustments and knitted on.  On the whole this was pretty mindless knitting.  The shaping was pretty straightforward and there was a lot of straight rows.  A great TV watching knit.

Things got a bit tricky when I got to the ribbing.  I began picking up stitches and realized I was closer to the smallest size directions than the size I was knitting.  I just decided to follow those  instead and I think due to the lack of rows (off row gauge) it worked out perfectly.  Ahhh… the beauty of knitting, even if it doesn’t quite match you can do a little ad lib and sometimes things come out right.

Fiery Bolero

Great Pattern, Great Yarn all equal a Great many times this will be worn.

Pattern: Debbie Bliss’ Fiery Bolero, IK Summer 05
Yarn: DB Cathay (about 6 balls)
Needles: Addis Turbos size 6 and 3

*As I’m writing this post I’m watching College Gameday on ESPN (I heart Herbstreit!)  One of the segments highlighted a football player from Boise who’s a damn good knitter!  He whipped out a hat during his interview!  Speaking of football, this New Jersey native has much pride for RUTGERS! I was at a crowded bar in Hoboken watching the game live on Thursday night and that place was electric!  What a game! Even if they don’t go to the BSC bowl game at least they’re building a program we can certainly get behind and be proud of for years to come!  GO RU!  (a bit aside, my alma mater, BC is playing Duke today… easy win boys!!)

we got the tools, we got the talent!

Thank you so much for the comments about Rusted Root! I wore it to work yesterday and didn’t get one "did you make that?" (which to me means people accepted it as more than a handknitted top, however there was one woman who is an experienced knitter who zeroed in on me and made me turn around like a ballerina so she could see it all… yea! accomplishment!)

As I grow as a knitter, I realize how many techniques are out there to learn.  How also in the beginning I used to look at something knitted and think "How the hell did that come out that way?" and now I’ve graduated to "hmm, so that’s where you put the YO or k2g…" Finishing RR made me realize that I can be  more confident on making my own things and not having to stick to a pattern. Ahh the freedom!  The creative juices that are now flowing need to be focused! (it’s no help also that i’m off from work today and can THINK about this allllllll day.)

So, now it’s time to give myself a new challenge, to learn a new skill… to add a tool to my perverbial knitter’s toolbelt. Enter Miss Fig and Plum… she just finished a beautiful pair of norweigan mittens that I now cannot stop thinking about.  I think of them as the perfect project for a beginner Fair Isler as myself, as well as a great canvas to work with if I ever wanted to be daring enough to just create a pattern all on my own.  Not to mention it is a Zimmermann pattern and who else to learn fair isling from than the queen herself.  A trip to my LYS today should quench this desire.

Beyond new projects also lies those that need to be finished.  Can you guess which of those are close to being completed?

fiery bolero


I’m feeling all sorts of R-a-n-d-o-m today.  Not like any of my posts have followed a strict beginning, middle and end sequence anyway.

– I’m so freakin’ happy it’s Friday! I had a pretty busy week and finally my on the road phase of my job is drawing to a close.  Today was the final day of back to back presentations.  I can now return to a more normal work day.  This gives me and my car much joy.

– The scarf for Julie is coming along fabulously. I can’t stop looking at it. The dying that manos is famous for is amazing to me.  Plus the feel!  It’s so squishy! I’m so happy I went up the needle size.  I’m on to the next ball and expect a solid finish.  Just in time for her marathon!  Ahh scarves they are just such an immediate release.

– Rusted Root, after having a false start is also well on it’s way.  I’m just above the shaping and I think it’s gonna fit!!  It’s become a nice, relaxing, meditative, tv along knit.  The pattern is clearly written (even though I managed to get confused, it’s all me folks, allll me) and the leaf motif is cute too.  I would have maybe decrease the stitches differently but I’m working it like the pattern showed me and perhaps I’ll change it up a bit if I make another.  Fab job Zypher ladies!

– My needles have come in so I can finally finish the BOLERO!  I’m worried though about the picking up of stitches.  I feel like I’m going to need a few cups of coffee to concentrate.  I do have plans to make another bolero for my mother. 

– For all my Hoboken area knitters: we’re trying to make the Hoboken SnB knitting group grow so here’s my plug for all my blog readers.  Tuesday nights starting at 7:30 at the Frozen Monkey Cafe off of Washington Street between 5th and 6th!  Come and play! If you’re just visiting Hoboken, come too!

– Lastly, HELLO RHEINBACK!!! Oh my goodness, I’m almost in denial that it’s this weekend.  Granted I won’t have my Rusted Root, but I do have my socks from long ago AND my scarf.  I feel like it’s going to the North Pole and meeting Santa Claus! I am worried that it’s going to be pure sensory overload.  I’m traveling up and back from Hoboken with a friend so it’s a full day fibery road trip. 

I hope everyone has a nice, relaxing, fun filled weekend!