sunshine on a rainy day


Pattern: Glee by Zephyr Style
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca, Alpaca Silk, approx. 6balls
Needles: Size 5 and 3 circs

Between the pain in the neck crap I had to deal with at work, the horrendous traffic I endured doing an errand for the beloved boyfriend and the torrental downpour I ran through because I forgot my umbrella I had this excited anticipation and calm because I was going to blog about Glee today.   It’s the little things that will calm you down when traffic is going 25mph on a major state highway.  Or when it takes you 45 minutes to get from point A to point B when normally it takes 10.   I even canceled a dinner tonight with an old friend because I though, "geeze, I wouldn’t even want to be in the same room as me right now."  But then I arrived home, all tired all dishelved and there she was just sitting on the couch waiting for me to photograph her.

This beautiful, simple, and so is going-to-be-worn-a-hundered-times top was a quick and satisfying knit.  The title of which is the emotion I am hoping to get to after several glasses of red wine and a foot massage.

Glee Ribbing


I cannot recommend enough this pattern.  It’s simple but oh so satisfying.  I have yet to buy and or sew on the hook and eyes.  I went this weekend to one craft store admid errands and all they had were black ones.  I am off tomorrow (The small perks of working at a Catholic HS: holy days) and will most defintiely be visiting some shops for them.

And in case you were wondering in suspense what I went ahead and did with dear Fifi. 

the beginnings of fifi

She and I had a nice heart to heart over some Veuve Cliquot.  We’re getting along famously now.

just try to not laugh

sometimes you just got to read non-knitting blogs…

Miss Doxie

I hope this brings some laughter to your day. I’m was trying to be all low key here at the office but her most recent post just make me laugh out loud twice.  I have a student trying to take a test near by who probably thinks I’m NUTS.  Seriously, this girl is a hilarious writer. I could spend all day in her archives but I don’t feel like peeing my pants today.

Anyway, I had the most luxurious quiet weekend ever which lead to lots of good knitting time. Glee is finished! Just some ends to be weaved in and a little blockage and we’ll be modeling in no time.  I may need to train the BF to take pictures so that I’m not doing the old – let’s see how far I can hold the camera away from my face to get a good shot pose OR the how many times do i have to reposition myself for the self timer shot pose. 

And because I’m not vain or anything here is a shot of me from my bro’s birthday party… at this point in the night I probably had about 10 glasses of champagne, but I think I look pretty hot. A credit to my dear friend Dana who let me borrow "The Dress". 


oh and of course me and the birthday boy:


Happy Monday, All!!

Coming soon: Glee makes it debut.

what a feelin’

Seriously I almost forgot how good it feels to be "in the knits".  Glee is almost done! Just the picked up ribbing for the sleeves and V neck need to be done.  Give it a little blocking and I’ll be modeling her by the weekend (I hope!)  I defintiely found Glee to be a very easy knit.  I love top down patterns because you can really see how the piece is going to fit while you’re making her. 

This recharge of knit batteries has gotten me giggly-excited about thinking what I should cast on for next?

I’ve been tempted by so much of what I see on the internets.  Have you seen this beautiful Josephine (aka Fifi)!? It’s gorgeous!! I found her through the Ravelry site. (I won’t go into it as not to get people crazy, but patience my friends cause this puppy is GOOD ,no, phenominal.  I feel rediculously privalged to be a tester. (Thanks again Cara!) But sign on up they’re working crazy hard (two people!!) on getting it ready for everyone.) Anyway, I love color she made and it has such a great fit.  I remember seeing the pattern at my LYS but when you see it knit up it’s so different!

I think I might be skipping this one to the front of my "to knit next" list.  It’s right there with the shawl I want to make for my Mom with the Lacey Lamb.  I’m now leaning towards Eunny’s Print o’ the Wave stole.  I have the pattern and it’s very close to the one in Victorian Lace Today – so we’ll see.  I am hoping to gift it to her for ther birthday which is late July. 

It’s also a fantastically goregous Wednesday which is just beckoning me to sit out side with an iced tea knitting my dear life away.  I would do that selfishly if only I didn’t feel so guilty about not going to the gym.  But it’s supposed to rain tomorrow so there’s that! 😉