coming up for fresh fall air

October is here!  And how do I heart thee?  Not only is this my favorite month of the year (**cough**birthday** cough**) but it is also Breast Cancer Awareness month AND Socktoberfest!


And just in time, too.  A finished Trekking Jaywalker.  This sock has defintely come out way better than expected.  The color change has just pleasantly surprised me every stitch of the way.  It sadly will only be a singular sock as this is a sample for my friend’s shop but that doesn’t mean I won’t be buying this yarn off her now!

colorjaywalker                         colorjaywalker3

The pattern is just a great classic to me now.  Grumperina is a genius. (how gorgeous is her Shetland shawl… dude i gotta finish mine!)

So where have I been you ask?  Well life in tentenknits land has been hectic.  I’m even surprised I got through the way I did and am able to tell the tale! As an admissions director this time of the year is our busiest.  I’m always on the road pitching my school to every 8th grader girl in my county.  My voice getting more hoarse with every 30 min presentation I give (and I had TEN in 4 days).  I also had our major Open House this weekend which is perhaps one of the most important days of my job.  The Big Show.  The put-my-money-where-my-mouth-is moment. But there was One More Thing to add:

One of my close friends was getting married and I was the maid of honor. So needless to say, last  Monday – seeing ALL this ahead of me i just couldn’t Think of knitting nor blogging.  My mantra was "one day at a time".  This wedding has been good training for me.  I’ve never been a bridesmaid before let along a maid of honor.  Her family has been so generous with me and for that I am greatful.  The whole affair was lovely – I even sang.  I didn’t realize that one of the altar servers was a girl at my school and the following day at the Open House she came up to me and was shocked at the fact that I did. 

Imagine if she knew I could knit a mean jaywalker?

And today, huraay for today, I took off from work to reset my batteries and to blow some dust off some knitting projects which seem to be growing in number.

That’s the way UH HUH Uh HUH

I like it!

I am home from abroad and BOY is the weather freakin’ NICE!  Go to, type in Hoboken, and check it out for yourself.  Seriously being a School Administrator should jump to number 1 on the Best Jobs in America list… who wants to be a software engineer anyway, you don’t get April vacation!  At least I’m holding it down at Number 50.

Finally a finished product.


Jaywalkers by Grumperina
Yarn: Socks the Rock in the Cobolt Bloom Colorway
Thoughts:  Well I love this pattern, very easy to remember and it just MOVES.  Once you cast on it’s smooth sailing to the gusset and then right on down to the toe.  I kinda made some minor mistakes for the first sock but I don’t think anyone will notice but me. (You can certainly tell the difference, however when you look at them side by side but while on my tosies you can’t!)



Of course with this Jaywalker bug (which I’ve caught a little bit too late) I’ve casted on for the second sock for the first pair I was working on.  Yes I’m a bit backwards but I liked the pinks much better than the blues.  I figured I would give my mom the blue ones for Mama’s day!  Speaking of, I did finish her shawl which needs some serious blockage…. I also neglected to do the last two rounds of the pattern, but again who’s gonna notice?? I promise to start (Right Now) following the pattern to the Ts.  Fingers crossed.  Oh and yes I most certainly did cast on for another…


So what to do on this gorgeous Thursday?  I plan on going into the city to walk around – perhaps hit up some LYS’s as well as whip out the camera (such dust that has collected too!)  I hate telling my friends that I’m off and gallivanting around the city – i know they’re all cooped up at the cubicles or offices, (most likely on the phone with each other!!) slapping themselves in their faces to stay awake, or taking notes in meetings – while I saunter around NYC like a tourist. 

I’ll take my time gladly since my first day back on Monday is gonna kick my toosh.  I have a conference next weekend in Boston which is causing me to prepare a week in advance for an orientation for the incoming class that following Friday, May 5th.  I plan on  leaving things for people to do while I’m away, but you know that feeling of "If I don’t do it, it’s not going to get done right?"  We’ll I’m slightly a control freak like that and feel I need to get Everything done before I leave.  Ok that was my minute rant on my job – back to my spring vacation.  On to better things… what LYS’s to visit.

Knit New York on 14th?
Purl Soho on Sullivan St?
Yarn Connection waaaay uptown?
How ’bout a stint at the MoMa to stare at my favorite VanGogh?

So many decisions so little time…  back to my pretty socks…

Now to order some new Chuck Taylor’s to wear them with.

Don’t stop till you get enough

There are not pictures with this post today.  It’s pretty crap-tastic in these parts and I just don’t have good enough lighting.   Rain turned into sleet turned into snow which turned into ice.  I won’t be traveling anywhere which means a lot of good knitting will take place.

I’m about 70% done with socks I’m making for my boyfriend.  They’re gray with red trimmings.  I keep going back and forth with making that one and a new jaywalker sock.  I am making one in a new colorway – Cobalt Bloom.

Speaking of which, I’ve read all the posts and comments about making this semi-famous sock pattern now.  So a exponentially high amount of people are making this fabulous sock pattern and a question about "are you knitting it because you want to or because everyone else is."  All I have to say is who gives a shit about what you feel like knitting.  And who the f cares if you want to knit something that a bunch of other people want to knit.  Seriously,  who judges knitting? 

I know everyone wants to be original and unique.  They want to create something that’s all their own and to feel separate and perhaps apart from the crowd.  Sometimes it’s nice to be apart of a community that has or creates something together.  This phenomenon is apart of everything.  From loyalty to a college or high school to a favorite musician or a famous actor or actress. 

Do we like these songs or movies just because everyone else does or do we like i because it makes us laugh and cry and sing?

I’m super surprised at how much thought I have on a Saturday morning. Time to watch 24 (season 3) and to snuggle with my man before the super premier tonight.  24!  Jack Bauer!!!!!