FO: Wurm


Pattern: Wurm by katushika (ravelry link)
Needles: US 6 and 4s
Yarn: Sincere Sheep, Luminos, color – suerte 
{earrings} {similar shirt}

I know we're technically in July but I had to share with you my June Project Spectrum FO!

I initially fell in love with this hat when I saw it on Olga via Knitandtonic! (See the interwebs doing it's inspiration thing again – LOVE!) I thought it would be the perfect slouchy hat to fit my luscious curly hair. I knitted the smallest size and did only 7 repeats of the pattern and think mine came out even slouchier than expected but I love it. Thank goodness too because we all know how it started out!! 


The yarn (Sincere Sheep!) softened up a ton after washing. Dyed with indigo, it bleeds while you work with it. As this was my first project working with indigo you can only imagine my happiness when I learned from the dyer, Brooke Sinnes, that that was all supposed to happen!


The yarn is a perfect green, with hints of blues… which technically is SO the PS July color – so there it does work! 😉

I'm still thinking of what my true blue project will be but in the meantime I have an Adiez that's blocking, a shawl that's being knit and a few other projects up my knitted sleeves!


Lotus Leaf Hat

I am what you call an eternal optimist always thinking things are going to be better than expected. Yes, even moving.  But we all know moving is never fun.  I don't know why I thought differently this time around. J and I brought a few boxes over to our new apartment last night, mostly my knitting books and kitchen stuff that we're not using.  He filled both my little Jetta and the back seat of his 4Runner and it took us a good hour doing several carrying trips to bring everything in. We both felt really proud of ourselves thinking we made a good dent in the big move that was still ahead. 

For a split moment before I opened the door to our current apartment I had this anticipation of seeing something done, something that's definitely missing, but when I flicked the light on I looked around and felt it appeared even more full of stuff than before.

The only bright side to this is that it's already been rented for next month which means no more viewings.  No more making the place absolutely spotless for the visitors. It's a miracle I even pulled my apartment together when the first appointment was made!  I am notorious for never checking my voicemail but something just made me do it and thank god I did.  Those people would have been running to the highest cliff in Jersey City if they saw the mess it was in.  It was one of those moments I wish I had a time lapse camera to show the tornado of clean that I was that afternoon.

Lotus Leaf Hat

So while I had to vacate my apartment for a while I was working on this little hat. It is actually a side product of the fun that is Vestvember!  I had told you all that I was thinking of doing a vest with this motif along the bottom but now I like the hat so much I think I'm just going to tweak it a bit and make a few of these instead.  Don't you dismay however I'm not leaving Vestvember behind but am thinking of knitting a more traditional stripped vest. 

I'm so excited with out the lotus pattern came out.  I had been thinking of doing something like this for a while now and just needed that extra oomph to actually put it together.  My fair isle is getting better but I still can't predict my gauge.  This hat isl a little too tight.  Regardless, first draft – not too shabby!

Lotus Leaf Hat

Like a poloroid*

There’s seriously nothing better than instant gratification.

My Bucket Hat!

Pattern:  A Better Bucket
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Vetiver
Needles: Size 7s addi turbos

I can barely keep a straight face today.  I woke up late, did some Spring Cleaning, got a mani/pedi and am now sitting at Patricia’s Yarns.  Pretty idyllic I know.  To top it off,  today is the first day of my Easter Break vacation from school.  My boyfriend and I are leaving on Sunday to go to Tampa for a little R&R and to catch one of the last Yankees spring training games.  I cannot wait to get to lovely 80 degree weather.

As for my Bucket Hat, I am so happy with it! It’s particularly great for my curly head as it doesn’t smoosh down the curls.  I did need to refresh my brain with the provisional cast on. (which is 3xs as fiddly when trying to knit a hat with Magic Loop) But beyond that this hat was very easy to knit – I will definitely be making more…

What’s next… a FO that’s Long Overdue for a blog post!

Bucket Hat

*can you believe that Poloroid is stopping production on their film and cameras! What a loss! I hope someone will take it up so we can Shake it like a Poloroid Picture for years to come!



Pattern: Gretel by Ysolda
Yarn: Cascade 220 heathers… 2 balls (second one used about 2 yards of it!)
Needles: Size 5s and 7s circs

This hat is another Christmas knit – the one that’s going to my secret santa.  Of course I’m risking the fact that she may look on this here blog and see it but I mean come on… you knew it was going to be something knitted! 😉  I really loved the pattern and made the slouchy version.  I would absolutely make this again but next time will do the regular size instead.  I also just did my regular cast on instead of going tubular.  I definitely want to try that cast on for my next Gretel but where I was at the time I casted on I didn’t have the proper tools – an extra needle – and I really just wanted to get it started.


I am so happy with this hat and I can’t wait to gift it.  The knitted presents are still steadily coming along.  I just casted on for a Wallaby and am through the front pouch and will hopefully start on the first sleeve tomorrow.  I’m making it to fit a 1 year old so knitting is going somewhat fast.  I do though have a couple of knits that may need take priority this coming week though.  We’re having a few "Christmas Dinners" next weekend which I kinda forgot about so Christmas is really the on 16th for me!   My brother is flying in from London and unfortunately can’t be here for the 25th so we’re doing a little Christmas observed next Sunday.  He’s pretty much set but I thought I would make the Trinity Hat for his girlfriend.

I spent my weekend working at my LYS and knitting away on the Wallaby in great company.  Patricia the shop owner was finishing her own Drops A-line jacket (which looks great by the way!) and our friend David was working on a Koolhaas.  I have Dave to thank for the great Gretel shots!  It truly was a great weekend knitting, drinking wine and telling funny stories (oh and a few knock knock jokes.)

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend filled with great knits and friends.

Who spiked the eggnog?

Don’t you just love those radio stations that decide come Thanksgiving that they are going to be playing Christmas music 24/7? It’s O Holy, Santa Baby, Rockin’ around the Tree all the time.  Do they know it’s Christmas after all?  Well at this station… yes they do.

I mean throw them in every once in a while but constant holiday music for a month? Seems a little bit much to me.  I’m not not going to say though that if I’m driving and happen upon this particular station and hear a familiar poppy song you may find me behind the wheel ring-ting-tingeling too!

Those few moments of driving karaoke frankly happen more often than I let on.  You see, I must admit, I love Christmas.  I love the dinner parties, I love all the presents and mistletoe and snow!  I love the huge meal my mother cooks complete with her famous Coquito (egg nog Puerto Rican style, aka 151 Rum).  I love going shopping and trying to find that gift that will make the receiver realize a lot of thought was put into it.  I simply love the season of giving.

Of course for me most presents often mean they are going to be handmade.  Thus for me, knitted. My knit
plan this Christmas is sketchy at best.  I have one project completed and another on the needles.


My mentality is the mantra of the procrastinator I am, "You’ll have time, we’ll just start it tomorrow".  Yes, so tomorrow we’ll start a pair of mittens, a few baby hats, another scarf, and maybe a baby sized Wallaby.  I must be out of my mind.  I’ve got 25 days – 21 if I want to mail it out and have it arrive in time to make all these presents.  I’m trying to not stress out about it all so back up plans are always a good idea.  Maybe I’ll do like the Handknit Holiday book tells me, send them a photo of the knitted item you just couldn’t finish – it’s the thought that counts right? ha!

Oh christmas knits, O christmas knits, why don’t I start them earlier… 

Afghan Squares

On a much more positive note.  We’ve hit the goal of "squares" for the Hoboken Homeless Shelter Afghan!!  I am like doubled over in excitement!  I shamefully had a small pang of doubt that we were going to make the goal in time. But Knitta, please…  there are more than enough squares for a blanket!!

So if you want to know what I’ll be doing this weekend – lots of mattress stitch.

Ps. Those slouchy berets are everywhere nowadays aren’t they!? 

Happy happy joy joy

Dudes – once again I am humbled by your fabulous comments! I for sure thought this one was going to go semi in the undercurrent of the knits out there since there are so many TYs for you to see but Yowzers thank you!  I highly recommend the pattern and love the yarn – Rowan Felted Tweed.  However, did anyone else notice how easy it was to break the yarn?   I mean maybe my superhuman strength was more than enough for it’s simple ply but for reals it broke so easily!

Anyway I’m obviously glued to the computer lately – every time I post I always obsess over it.  Refreshing my emails and blog site. I also cannot stop refreshing my Notebook page in Ravelry to see if the little numbers beside the hearts change.  I love getting more hearts the way I love getting comments, tee hee!   

AND speaking of comments we have broken the 1,000 comment milestone here at Tentenknits!!!    Congratulations Kate from Purlygirly you are my 1,000 commenter!!  Bob, tell her what she’s won..

A new car!!

No really – I will have to put my thinking cap on and do something special.  This is a pretty huge deal, is it not? All my experienced contest givers… what say you – yarn? notions?  Hey Kate, what do you think? I love all your comments and they just make me so happy but honestly I’m an easy girl. I mean you could probably Burp in my comments and I would say, "Awe".  But please don’t feel like you really have to 😉

At the moment my boyfriend and I have just finished watching the latest episode of Heroes.  I won’t give anything away but geeze can we get something going – I feel like all the episodes so far have just been "set-up" shows and not results – don’t turn into Lost!! Please, talk about the biggest let down from Season 1.  Let me not even start on TV shows – let me show you what I was doing while watching… continuing the progress on my Koolhaas.  The little something on the side before I start yet another sweater.  Knitting sweaters makes knitting hats seem like knitting in light speed. 


Nothing makes Monday more tolerable than Malabrigo.


The winter weather has finally hit New Jersey.  I opened the door to my apartment on Friday morning surprised to see the white stuff covering the street and cars.  I even had an audible exclamation.  Helps too because I did not look outside my window or check the weather report so frankly I had no idea. I was completely and utterly unprepared for the snow and had to wipe off the powdery stuff with a flip flop that I found in the trunk of my car. (Note: It pays to leave random crap like that in trunks for moments like these).

A few hours later it melted when the sun came out.  There are still remnants of the stuff in shadowy corners but all that’s left now is the bitter cold.  Just in time though I cranked out the hat for the BF. 

Jimmy's Hat

My first official out of nowhere FO of 07!  He loved it so much that he commissioned me to make another with a different color combination.  With the three skeins of Blue Sky I had more than enough for two.  I just made the pattern up (simple stockinette beanie), did a little gauge, casted on 88, worked the pattern and decreased evenly at the top.  Friday night cast on to Saturday morning wear – this puppy was quick!.

Top of Jimmy's Hat

He sported his hat out on the town last night.  We walked 5 blocks in the freezing cold to a great Mexican restaurant, had a little red wine sangria and walked home  Despite the fact that we were both wearing warm wool hats our faces still turned red with runny noses.  I prefer this type of weather with the pretty precipitation…  I mean,  why have cold freezing weather without snow?

The only other consolation?  The urge to knit more! And having seen berets pretty much everywhere. I now have the extreme urge to make one.  Poor, CPH, will your sleeves ever get done?