Fun Time is Here

After spending my whole day at work reading other blogs I finally got home so that I could write in my very own.  It’s been appox. 2 months since I started this and I’m pretty surprised at myself that it’s keeping up the way it has.  I have a lot to figure out though – I haven’t quite mastered the whole buttons on the side thing yet.  I used to know Everything about HTML but that must have leaked out of my brain somewhere between my Junior year of college and today. Plus, I liked using the fancy-shmancy programs like Flash and Dreamweaver that it became really ease to forget the building blocks. Either way I have a lot of ‘research’ to do. 

I also had my knitting on my mind.  Once I start something it’s rediculously hard to get me to think of anything else.  My boyfriend last night told me that I was ‘addicted’ to my knitting.  Frankly, yes I am.  Especially when I’m in the midst of a project!  And last night was supposed to be our "Lost" evening but the darn show is on a rerun for the next 2 weeks… WTF!?  And although I do like Martha, I wasn’t about to start watching the Apprentice – so I worked on this:


My wrap is 3/5ths of the way done. Soooo Excited! I hope to wear it this fall but if I miss out than it will make it’s debut in the spring.  I love the color!  I’m just doing plain stocknette stitching so it’s quite relaxing to make.


Once it’s finished the lines will sit veritcally on me which I think will look good (I hope!).  It’s been very quick to knit up and I have two balls left.  I might have to get one more just so that the length is enough. My next project is socks. I’ve been poking around other knit blogs and it seems that everyone is obsessed with them, so I’m guessing it’s about time that I am too!

But before any  new casting on goes on, tonight I’m going to be heading out to watch my boys play.


I just can’t stop tweeking with this site today!  I"m currently at work so this is going to be SUPER short… shorter if my boss walks in on me. 

I just went online to find out new and different things to do around the blog – so I’ve added a new banner (I might change it though, we’ll see) as well as I’m going to be adding new sites to the sides, etc… it’s good that I’m at working doing this – not like I have anything more important to do!! ahhhh

I’ll have some fun pictures later showing what I’ve been working on – My wrap is coming along nicely and well Mama’s sweater still sits collecting dust… oh well!

So Much

There’s so much to say but honsestly not enough time to do it! I popped over to what’s turning out to be one of my favorite LYS, Handknits in Englewood.  I went in there to get yarn for the felted bullentin board I wanted to make from the Alterknits book and I ended up leaving with a whole lot more!!


What started out as two skeins of Manos turned in to 5.  I didn’t know at the time what I wanted to work it into but dropped the word "poncho" on my wonderful store assistant and she showed me a few patterns.  I like simplicity so I’m just going to work it in stocknette and work a straight neck.  Basically I’m knitting a huge rectangle and I’m going to fold it in half. Whola! (Remember I am still a beginner at this, really).  I love the reds too!  I’m going to use the green bulky Brown Sheep for the bulletin board.  Plus, on top of it all I still have my mom’s (and my bro’s) sweaters to finish and then there’s Christmas coming up!!  I hope I get it all done – I’m going to have to quit my social life for a while to accomplish this!

I cannot get over Mother Nature these days.  The hurricane season alone has solidified any doubts that I will ever move to any region in the Gulf Coast.  But that’s not even the worst of things.  The earthquake in South Asia is even more disaterous than all the hurricane’s combined.  I haven’t even gotten my head around what’s going on over there.  I saw pictures of children being pulled out from collapsed houses.  I’m compassion-ed out!  I keep praying it all will stop.