FO: Wurm


Pattern: Wurm by katushika (ravelry link)
Needles: US 6 and 4s
Yarn: Sincere Sheep, Luminos, color – suerte 
{earrings} {similar shirt}

I know we're technically in July but I had to share with you my June Project Spectrum FO!

I initially fell in love with this hat when I saw it on Olga via Knitandtonic! (See the interwebs doing it's inspiration thing again – LOVE!) I thought it would be the perfect slouchy hat to fit my luscious curly hair. I knitted the smallest size and did only 7 repeats of the pattern and think mine came out even slouchier than expected but I love it. Thank goodness too because we all know how it started out!! 


The yarn (Sincere Sheep!) softened up a ton after washing. Dyed with indigo, it bleeds while you work with it. As this was my first project working with indigo you can only imagine my happiness when I learned from the dyer, Brooke Sinnes, that that was all supposed to happen!


The yarn is a perfect green, with hints of blues… which technically is SO the PS July color – so there it does work! 😉

I'm still thinking of what my true blue project will be but in the meantime I have an Adiez that's blocking, a shawl that's being knit and a few other projects up my knitted sleeves!

Project Spectrum 5: Red Rock

Sundara 100% Silk

Do you know Sundara? Of course you do. She's that fabulous indie dyer who produces coveted skeins of yarn that go on sale and sell out immediately.

Well, back in 2006 (I feel weird that I have to say "back") I emailed Sundara to have her dye fire engine red yarn for a scarf I wanted to make my my dear brother, Drew.  It was a Shifting Sands scarf, too.

Andrew Shifting Sands

I also bought a skein of her pure silk while making that order. All 1000 yards of it. I don't quite know what I had in mind then. It was probably something Eunny was making (how I miss her blog!). Alas, mine did not work out and I put the precious skein away for another day.

Enter Project Spectrum!

PS: Red Rock

This is my first year actively particpating in Project Spectrum!  The amazing Lolly has brought it out of retirement and I cannot wait to see what everyone creates. While I know so many others have big plans to try other crafts I'm going to keep it to my one true love: Knitting. What's more – I am going to use this as a reason to use my stash.  Each month a different color – a different stashed yarn!

I'm about half way through the edging of my Rock Island shawl and can already tell this is gonna be one epic shawl.

double take*

Please don’t tell New York this but Boston is making a run at being my favorite city.  Maybe it was the gorgeous weather we had last Saturday that made me feel like Alice walking through the Public Garden.  Maybe it was the bountiful selection at Windor Button that happily got me on track for Project Spectrum!  Or it definitely could have been the cup of Oreo ice cream from JP Licks which is close-your-eyes-lick-your-spoon-until-it’s-dry good! 

Yes, I just can’t think of a better city right now than Boston.  (Granted, they do have that whole Red Sox Nation thing… gah, there’s no way I’m crossing over to that! GO YANKEES! ;-))  Sure this bias has been growing since my four fantastic years there in that little University called College in Chestnut Hill.  It just solidified itself as my top city this weekend when I was introduced to a beautiful yarn, Handmaiden Sea Silk.


The photograph makes the yarn a bit darker than it is in real life but it still has that lovely luminesence to it! Just the perfect yarn for Project Spectrum!  I’ve been playing around with what to make with one skein of this luxurious yarn.  I started making the Ribbon Lace Scarf in Knitty (seen above) but felt that the pattern was just a bit too much for the color change.  It needed to be simpler.  At the moment it’s in the first stages of a clapois (scarf size!) but am worried that I don’t have enough yardage for what I truly want.  I also picked up a skein of the color Mineral, too!  I think I am finding a new yarn obsession.


There is also a row of shops in Newton Centre that my mother and I always visit when we go to Boston.  One of my favorites is Folklorica.  They carry the most beautiful jewlery pieces. The owner has such a great eye for artisans. 

On the way there we popped into a clothing store called Betsy’s.  Typically we find smaller jewlery pieces or scarves we like but it was the cones of yarn in their window display that caught my eye this time around.  I thought how clever is this?  My mother of course walks in and announces to the owner how much she likes their yarn display and let’s them know her daughter is an advid knitter.  I sheepishly smile and just look around the shop to see they have a huge shelf of these cones and realized it wasn’t a display at all!

The shop had a sweater knitting division that they were ending and were left with a good amount of coned yarn.  It was obvious the owner wanted to move it and offered to throw in a cone if I bought at least two.  I bought four.


The yarn is from Silk City Fibers.  I bought 3 cones of the Wool Crepe Deluxe and another cone of a thicker red yarn that was simply labeled "Bulky".  You can imagine my happiness when I went over to Ravelry and saw it listed in a few people’s stashes!  The wool crepe is a fingering weight yarn.  I am thinking a few shawls or scarves may come from this cone. Looking back it probably was a little nuts to get so much fingering weight but my mom really loved the colors and you cannot say No to mom!


I found it so amusing how you can find knitting anywhere you go! The owner did say she was plesantly surprised at how easy it has been so far moving the cones.  Us knitters just love getting yarn and I find it fun when it’s in an unexpected place!

*Speaking of double take – Parikha is modeling in the new Interweave magazine!  I knew I recognized that face from somewhere when I saw the preview.  I also think that as I was downing my JP Licks that I saw my old IK fav – the curly Redhead – walk by me in the street!!  I nearly stopped her but couldn’t get the spoon out of my mouth.