I have a problem.  It's not that I can't say "no", it's just that I don't want to.

Wanna open another bottle of wine?  Yes.

Wanna *bake some chocolate chip cookies tonight? Yes

So when my LYS got their shipment of Madeline Tosh Sock my eye caught this gorgeous light cranberry color – Wanna knit something with me?  Oh hells yes.

Those two skeins barely touched the shelf  before I grabbed and clutched them close to my chest saying, "Mine."  See, I told you I have a problem.

The wheels in my head began turning.  I imagined a wide drapy scarf I could wear either once wrapped around my neck or nice and snug – depending on my mood and the cold Jersey air.


I took out my trusty Barbara Walker Stitch Treasury (vol. 1) and found a perfect and simple lace patten.  Turns out it's such a popular stitch pattern that there was already a scarf using it called the Strangling Vines Lace Scarf on Ravelry.

What I used:
Two balls of Madeline Tosh, Amber Trinket
Needles: US 5 


I call my scarf Penelope after a cute restaurant in midtown Manhattan that serves excellent chicken meatballs.  I went there a few weeks ago with my girlfriends and just love it's quaint ambiance.

The knitting continues to pile up on my needles and I keep thinking of more and more to knit everyday.

Wanna make a mini skirt?

Yup. It's a problem.

 *When I say bake, what I really mean is "take out the ready made Nestle Toll House from the refrigerator, break off a few blocks and eat them promptly out of the oven with a huge glass of milk."  

Bainbridge Scarf

Bainbridge Scarf

Here’s another quickie knit done while at the numerous Christmas dinners attended over the weekend.  Instead of taking those comatose naps after dinner I found a nice cozy spot on the couch and did a few rounds.  I’m loving garter rib lately – it is what my father’s scarf was done in as well as the border of the Tangled Yoke.

This neck warmer from Mintyfresh is made from the fabulously soft Manos Silk Wool which I have been itching to work with ever since my LYS got it in.  I got the inspiration for this via another blogger, The Daily Purl ,who had used this yarn.  I knew my one ball of this stuff was destined for this!

I finished it last night and wove in the ends this morning and have yet to take it off.  I’m on vacation until Jan 3rd and today is one of those days where it’s a struggle to simply get off the couch.  The weather is that misty rainy day where even umbrellas are fruitless as the drops are really coming at you sideways.  Taking a leisurely walk outside only makes my glasses fog up and fill with rain drops. 

I’m perfectly contented with my day though – I am working on the back of a sweater I’ve been wanting to make in the midst of all my Christmas knitting.  It’s a wrap sweater from Rebecca which I suspect will be the first completed sweater of the new year. (although who follows the promises I make to myself… ha!)

It’s spoiling to make a bunch of smaller knits because working on the back of the sweater seems tedious and long.  I have to get back into the "sweater mentality" realizing that this piece won’t just take  a day or two to complete.  Once I get back into it I hope it goes a bit better, for right now I’m feeling a bit impatient.  I’m hoping these days off will make it better since I have more than enough time to knit!