Sutro Wrap

Sutro Wrap

A new knitted love.

Perhaps my favorite part of it (besides it's simplicty) is that it can be worn so many different ways. Tied above, draped below, or wrapped around the body.


Sutro Wrap

Sutro Wrap

The yarn is Noro Kogarashi, a lovely silk wool blend.

Buy via Ravelry or Craftsy. Wear madly and often.

Garter Stitch

Source: via Margaux on Pinterest


When I see something like this on Pinterest I think to myself – this is SO easy and yet so stylish.

(not to mention it's grey!)

Garter Stitch

So of course I feel the need to knit one of my own. A simple garter triangle shawl – yarn is Kogarashi from Noro. A fabulous blend of wool, alpaca and silk. One of the more softer Noro yarns around.

It has already become one of my go to knit night projects as well as the only thing I could work on during the Superbowl. (YAY Giants!) 

Gotta love garter.

Red Rock

Red Rock

Hello Gorgeous.

Pattern: Rock Island by Brooklyntweed
Yarn: Sundara Silk
Needles: US 6 

After knitting what seemed to be the longest edging EVA, this shawl moved along nicely. It helped that the knitting started out with the most amount of stitches. By the time I got to the garter stitch section it felt like I was running down a mountain.

Red Rock

My only modification was doing the Island chart a few more times than written. After seeing the finished shawls on Ravelry I just felt it would look more balanced with a larger section. I ended up doing 9 repeats before the garter stitch section. I think it looks pretty damn good.

Red Rock

Oh and the silk is gorgeous.   

Red Rock

I'm so happy that Project Spectrum pushed me to make this! Bring on June!

Project Spectrum 5: Red Rock

Sundara 100% Silk

Do you know Sundara? Of course you do. She's that fabulous indie dyer who produces coveted skeins of yarn that go on sale and sell out immediately.

Well, back in 2006 (I feel weird that I have to say "back") I emailed Sundara to have her dye fire engine red yarn for a scarf I wanted to make my my dear brother, Drew.  It was a Shifting Sands scarf, too.

Andrew Shifting Sands

I also bought a skein of her pure silk while making that order. All 1000 yards of it. I don't quite know what I had in mind then. It was probably something Eunny was making (how I miss her blog!). Alas, mine did not work out and I put the precious skein away for another day.

Enter Project Spectrum!

PS: Red Rock

This is my first year actively particpating in Project Spectrum!  The amazing Lolly has brought it out of retirement and I cannot wait to see what everyone creates. While I know so many others have big plans to try other crafts I'm going to keep it to my one true love: Knitting. What's more – I am going to use this as a reason to use my stash.  Each month a different color – a different stashed yarn!

I'm about half way through the edging of my Rock Island shawl and can already tell this is gonna be one epic shawl.



Recently I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the new shawl pattern by Kirsten of Through the Loops called Lavalette.  She generously posted the pattern for free with the hope that if you chose to make it you will donate to Alzheimer Research.  Her goal is to reach $5000 by July 22nd, and at this rate I think we can help her bust right past that goal!


My grandmother, Norma, was a wonderfully creative and talented woman.  She sewed, painted, crocheted, cross-stitched. Anything she put her hands on she was able to  do something beautiful with.  She passed down this trait to my mother who continues to amaze me with all the things she does right down to her perfect handwriting.  I, of course, try to live that forward with my knitting and can only hope to create things that would make them both proud.  When my grandmother starting showing signs on her sickness she stopped doing all those creative things.  It was hard to see her not express herself through her craft.


I made this out of my summer favorite, Rowan's Linpur Linen on Size 6 needles (Ravelry Link).   The size is perfect for a summery night when all one needs is a kiss of warmth.  I dedicate this shawl in memory of my grandmother and hope that you will also decide to make one and to donate to Alzheimer's research.  Thank you again Kirsten, for sharing your talent and generosity!


Do you remember a time when you discovered something new that you can’t imagine having ever lived without?  For starters there’s  indoor plumbing, refrigerators, cell phones, massages… you know the Must Haves.  In knitting it first showed itself in the form of cabling without a cable needle then learning how to knit continental.  I thought I knew it all, until now. I have just recently discovered the magic, the convenience, the necessity of Blocking Wires! 

How on earth did I block out lace before them? I haven’t the slightest clue.


These wires made the act of blocking like alchemy.  Turning a pretty organized mess into a divine piece of beauty.


Pattern: Icarus Shawl by Miram Felton in the Summer 06 IK
Yarn: Lornas Laces Helen’s Lace in Cranberry
Needles: Addi Lace Turbos US3
Raveled Here

This shawl began in March and was destined to be a present for my Principal who’s birthday was yesterday.  March to June, PLENTY of time to finish a shawl, right?

Well, I started it strong and then got side tracked by things like cardigans, bucket hats, and a clapotis.  But Icarus just kept quietly growing and growing and to my surprise I was at the start of the charts!  And what charts! There were four of them! With each chart done I kept salivating at the thought of finishing it and on time!   Well, it seems my former boyfriend had to do something so life changing to make me one day late of presenting the shawl to the birthday girl.

He proposed.

A week of whirlwind excitement, dinners with parents and friends and planning, I had to put the near completed shawl down.  It waited while I drank numerous bottles of champagne and toured reception halls only to be picked up here and there and finally finished a day late.  The birthday girl waiting patiently not knowing what I was up to. And did she care about the lateness?


If wearing the shawl all day at work in the 90 degree weather in a non-air conditioned school is a sign then I would say she positively Loved It.   

I truly loved making it too and having it be a part of a turning point in my life.  I was in the middle of a row when my fiance(!) called me into to the kitchen needing me to help him "open something."  It’s amazing how something can change so much in one moment.

Like the shawl, my life went from being a beautiful tangle of stitches to a stunning masterpiece transformed by something I cannot imagine my life without – him.

Medallion Shawl

Medallion Shawl

The first knit of 08 has finally arrived – and what a beauty she is!  A positive in a world right now that had been ruled by the negative.  I really really appreciate all of your comments and if I didn’t get to email you all back personally please know I really took in what you said!

One of the three actually turned into a positive while the other two are still in the neg.  I am good though, these things are actually not affecting personally but close friends.  Still gets one down though  I’m also in the most stressful part of my admissions season with lots of emotional parents so my knitting has really become an escape.   I really appreciated this shawl and it’s fulfilling nature.  The hexagons were being knitted up quickly to provide that FO allure but still kept me interested.

I had trouble reading the pattern at first thinking that the pattern repeat was to be done six times in total rather than 6 times around.  Once that was figured out these little hexagons were being produced 2 to 3 a day. Before I knew it they were blocking out on my carpet ready to be crocheted together.

Medallion Shawl

Pattern: Medallion Shawl by Norah Gaughn from VK 07/08

Yarn: Rowan Silk Wool, 6 balls

Needles: Size 7 16in. circs, F5 hook

Medallion Shawl

I am so happy with this shawl.  It allowed me to do some lace, get the dust of my crochet hook, and feel good in a time when lots were making me feel sad/anxious. I’m also giving this to my mother who you KNOW is gonna give me that hug/kiss/"ohmygodiloveit!". 

Hooray to that!

Oh and for all you NYCers…. GO GIANTS!!! ETA: We’re going to the SUPERBOWL!!

Endings and Beginnings

It is June (well tomorrow it is).  The seniors are finishing their finals and will be graduating on Saturday. They having been toting around their yearbooks requesting last minute advice and best wishes to be written for them to reminisce over later.  The underclassmen are spending their last days getting ready for their exams and talking about their "big plans" for being that great Sophomore or Junior next year.  Hallways are getting quieter as each day brings us closer to the day where the school is empty and the girls are off to their respective places of vacation. Everyone is getting ready for class free days which will be filled with trips, summer reading and laziness.

Moulin Rouge

This June starts with me saying good bye to my first class of seniors who’ve I’ve met as freshman.  The transformation that one witnesses over four years of high school is quite numbing.  The growth and maturity that springs forth is stifling. They start out all giggly little 14 year olds and leave sophisticated believing they know it all 17 year olds.  I say good bye to them with all my hopes and blessings for their life beyond our hallways.

Offices are being cleaned of their clutter, with furniture being straighted and dusted.  Once busy bulletin boards are now covered in simple white sheets of paper for their summer hibernation.  June also ushers in a beginnings of sorts.  Like the purchase of a blank crisp notebook, June can offer excitement for a year of new and fresh ideas.  It’s planning time for September, for correcting the past years mistakes and for being a bit wiser for having another year under our belts.

Tweed Stitch Belt

I often work during this month with a huge battle with focus.  I yearn to be outside spending my time soaking up the sun and leaving school behind like most of my students.  It’s the knowledge that I too will have a summer vacation – a time where the school will be closed and I just will not be here that intoxicates.  These are the days of pure freedom!  Of sleeping in, semi-guilt free happy hour and lots of time to knit and enjoy!  I’ve started a few new projects in the wake of Fifi’s completion. (click pics for details)  Things that will accompany me to parks and beaches and Italy!

Cherry Swatch

I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that I will be traveling with 40 of my students to the beautiful country of Italy!  We will be touring every museum, church and fountain of the beautiful cities of Rome, Sorrento, Pompeii, Capri, Palermo, and Taormina to name a few.  Will I be tired?  Oh yes.   I’ve already begun a list of yarn shops that I hope to visit in what ever free time I will get.  I plan on bringing an extra piece of luggage – you know, just in case.


Swallowtail Shawl

This was perhaps the quickest knit ever!  Then again I actually just knit this and nothing else which helps with the speed. 

I spent the weekend in Vermont with a few friends.  No skiing as there was no snow, but lots of fun outlet shopping happened which was followed by empanadas and a crazy game of Cranium.  Highlight for me was seeing my boyfriend do an impression of Sherlock Holmes which only he and I got.  "No shit!"

During this relaxing wine drinking filled weekend there was a moment where my 3 girlfriends and I were all sitting together knitting.  (the boys were watching fooosbal) One even just learned this weekend and it seems that after learning both knit and purl that she is hooked.  Now to get her a ball of yarn and needles of her own.  I loved seeing them all so focused on what they were making.  Two hats and a practice square… We have known each other since we were 14 and now over 10 years later we were sharing something I love to do.  Perhaps this is the first thing we have been able to do together in a long time.  We’re conspiring to get my other friend who lives in DC hooked and getting a phonecall from her over Thanksgiving asking me what ribbing looks like I think it will be easier than we think.

Swallowtail Shawl

What I find so satsifying is that it’s just so creative and relaxing. You have to LOVE what you’re doing.  There’s just too much time we spend doing things we may not want to do.  You have to put something in there worth smiling about.  These are my Christmas gifts as I love making other people smile.  This shawl is going to my wonderful boyfriend’s mother.  The woman who created and raised the man I love so dearly.  Damn, she did a good job.  I hope she will wear this shawl and know how thankful I am for her.

Christmas Shawls