This FO even needed a wardrobe change

So all that crazy knitting and here I am 5 days later with an FO! Woot!

Linen Shetland
Pattern: Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style
Yarn: Rowan Lenpur Linen, 4 balls
Needles: Size 6 circulars
Details: I did 9 repeats before the edging.  I decided to not wet block it because I didn't want all the sharp points so I just steamed it to open up the leaf motifs.  I am so excited to wear this every night this summer!

I became obsessed with wanting to make this since I saw one in my many browsings on Flickr.  The pattern of course is bonafide greatness and I actually had made my mom a Shetland Shawl back in 06. Knit Flashback: 

Shetland Triangle

This one was started in June and finished in September! I remember loving that yarn too but unfortunately cannot remember what it was!

 As you all know I became a woman consumed by knitting and knitted at every down time moment  I had. The yarn helped a ton because ofter the first repeat I was just anxious to get to the end! Lenpur Linen is so soft and has such a gorgeous drape.  My LYS got a nice summer shipment of Rowan so I was excited to pick up a few balls for the shawl.  It really has worked perfectly for a nice summery scarf. 

Linen Shetland


So what's next on the knit-agenda?  I got some yarn for the Zigzack Tunic and need to seam up a very patient cardigan.  Till next time, keep knitting! 🙂

with a cherry on top

 My fingers hurt and it feels SO good.

A lot of people have asked me if I miss my wedding and I do, but I don't miss the the planning and I am loving the facts that I'm not expected anywhere nor that I have any obligations to fulfill.  It's done.  I'm married and I can do whatever my married self wants and right now I want to knit. A LOT.

I have so many projects I want to knit I seriously feel like I cannot knit fast enough. It's like coming off a diet and wanting to eat ALL your favorite foods AT ONCE.  The mouth can only handle so many cookies and chicken fingers.  The husband has been cool with this since I feel like he's happy to get back to his destresser activity, too – the Playstation.  Of course I've been taking some breaks to look at him and let him know I'm still his wife.

And while I'm on it that topic, married life is going well and honestly it feels the same as my unmarried life only now we look at each other every once in a while and realize we made a Really HUGE PROMISE to each other and OH My God we're in this For Life.  Pinky swear infinity.

But let's go back to my knitting, never has something been absent from my life that I've wanted to jump right into with no sense of pride or etiquette.  Seriously, I will ignore you to knit. 

I am knitting on two projects at the moment, switching between the two at my hearts content – fulfilling every knitty need.  Something mindless, something hard, something small that fulfills the FO need, and something longer that fulfills the long term need, something for me, something for a friend, all of it MY choice. Ahhhh, it's just so good.

I am knitting everywhere too.  At the cafe in my old hometown

Knitting and coffee

In the park

knitting and the park

In my LYS

Working and Knitting

Knit knit knit knit knit, I am laughing that I even took the time to write a post because I know I'd rather be knitting! 😉

I apologize for nothing. Tie me up in yarn and let me be…


i consider myself a very spiritual person.  i believe there is a god and that he watches over us and sometimes gives us guidence and support.  i believe in karma.  i believe in the truth that what goes around comes around.  i believe that what we do in this life will transpose to the next.  Call me a hinducathoudist.

Shetland Triangle

All I know is that when I pass on from this world I want to come back as Evelyn A. Clark. 

Every shawl I have made (be that it’s currently at Two) I am more and more in love with her eye for design.  It’s simple and yet striking.  This is her Shetland Shawl from Wrap Style.  It truly was a relaxing knit which had a pattern repeat that you can pretty much memorize after two go arounds.  I did put it down for a bit… it was supposed to be my mother’s 35th wedding anniversary present, but now it’s just in time for Christmas!

I was a little bit anxious to get some pics out of this beauty so bear with the 8:30pm-lamp-on-the-dresser light.  The weather here has been pretty craptastic this week and I haven’t had decent sunlight.   Perhaps with the next sunny day I’ll do some outdoors shots!

This shawl was made out of yarn I bought on sale from the now closed Handknits in Englewood.  On futher reserach it has since been discontinued.  It’s a luxurous cashmere/silk blend called Richesse Et Soie. from Knit One Crochet Two.  I used about 4 balls using size 5 addis Turbos.

I also was anxious with the blocking as I didn’t have near enough blocking pins. (and when I saw near enough I kinda mean none).  So I fiddled with it and stretched it with my fingers and it turned out fine by me.  Points kinda bother me and if my mom wants more of a point I have no problems reblocking to her desire, but something tells me she’s gonna love it just the way it is.  Christmas Gift #1 down.

Next up…

Swallow Tail Shawl

Numba Three… Ms. Clark I cannot get enough.

Hints of the Fall

All this rain makes for a lovely knitting weekend.  I traveled out with my boyfriend to the Pocono’s this weekend.  His family has a timeshare there and he wanted to do a bit of golf and I just wanted to get away.  Before we left he kept reminding me that there was "nothing to do!" and I just smiled back thinking, "Oh silly boy… don’t know you know me already and how easily I can amuse myself.. especially when I’m in the zone of knitting??"  I brought along the Shetland shawl that’s moving along nicely as well as a sock to change things up a bit.

After finishing the Flower Basket Shawl this other Evelyn Clark shawl is actually knitting up much easier. It has been more like a meditation than a fully concentrated task.  Something that after a long, frustrating, annoying parent calling filled day at work is a pleasure to pick up and work on.  I’m zooming through it and am one repeat away from starting the edging.  I’m having a sad feeling about it.  Just like when you’ve finished a really really good book and you’re sad that there’s not more to the story to read.  All this really means is that I must knit another! 

To get my mind off the shawl’s impending end I started a sock.  I’m calling these my Fall Socks.


I know many people have said that the Embossed Leaves lace pattern comes out better with a solid yarn but there’s something about this that i love.  The yarn I’m using is STR color Petroglyph.  When I saw the pattern and looked at the yarn I just kept thinking about Fall leaves and the turning colors.  Lucky for me the yarn is pooling a lot which is creating this effect.


You defintely can’t get the full effect from this picture but I thought I’d try… I just love how they’re coming out! My favorite season is the fall – No allergies, cool breezes, football, Turkey Day, oh and my birthday is in the fall ;-)!  And I will always remember raking leaves with my dad and carrying them to the curb using an old bed sheet.  The piles of leaves were so big that you could jump in and not be found.  Now a days there is no more raking, living in an apartment does that.  But I am awaiting patiently the day in which I will pile up huge leaves with my children to carry to the curb.  The fall is poking her head around the corner.  I will greet her with arms wide open and feet nicely covered.