Thank goodness for socks


I almost forgot the type of brain melt that goes along with moving. And when I say "forgot" what I really mean is "blacked out". No matter how hard you try to focus and tell yourself "this is going to be OK. I am more organized than I was before" it still is enormously stressful. 

Don't get me wrong, our cross country road trip was amazing. My husband and I took full advantage of seeing as many things as we could. (HELLO, Grand Canyon. You Amaze Me.) We impressed ourselves with both our ability to get along in a car for 10 days and how "easy" it really seemed driving hours on end in a 24 hour period. (I really should stop and thank the people who designed cruise control. I do not know what I would have done without you!)

Of course, we both knew with a cross country move there had to be a snag somewhere. I am ever so thankful that snag wasn't in the form a flat tire in the middle of nowhere USA.

When we finally pulled into our driveway and gave our moving company a call to see where in transit our stuff was you'd imagine our surprise when they said it hadn't left the dock. (insert Snag.) Apparently we were a part of an "unprecedented" surge of people moving out of CA. So much so that our moving company evidently shipped trucks via train to deal with the demand.


So there we were in a house with nothing in it. We half joked about pitching our tent in our backyard but decided that was not how we wanted to introduce ourselves to our neighbors.

We decided to stay with friends. The generosity that was put forth from them was overwhelming. We had no worries but the date of our furinture arrival.

While not having our stuff for a little over two weeks was a little frustrating it truly wasn't the end of the world. But since I am human I did have my freak outs. Dudes, I had so many knitting plans! I was going to finish that sweater I keep talking about finishing. There was a Christmas stocking I promised someone. I wanted to do a stash bust sale! My poor yarn was sitting on a dock in CA!

Thank goodness for socks. A perfect pattern for the over occupied mind.


The pattern is called Kanhahar from the book Socktopus by Alice Yu. There is some errata which she lists on Ravelry so if you decided to do this pair check it out there first. The yarn is from Little Red Bicycle in Sidewalk Chalk. 

As of today we're 99.5% unpacked. And yes, I found all my yarn.

the knits resume…

well actually, they've been on going but I just haven't been able to show you!!


The fiance had been bugging asking me for a while now to make him some new socks.  He had been the recipient of one of the first socks I ever made which was actually from the Holiday Knits book.  (I recently resurrected this book from a dark corner of my closet and forgot how charming some of those knits are!)  At the time I was all about making sure I had the EXACT type of yarn for the project and remember scouring the internet for Classic Elite Lush!  And LUSH it was… angora is SO soft and fuzzy – a lovely yarn to have against ones skin but perhaps not the best for socks when I think back on it – especially for a boy.  I mean yes, they will pamper your feet, should you wear them On Occasion. J wore those socks ALL the time around his house and with his favorite Adidas sandals. (You know the ones with the little massage-y bits on the foot??)

 I never really did see them though. Then one day he answered his door wearing them and it looked like he had two fluffy bunnies on his feet because the yarn just felted and fluffed EVERYWHERE and in All Directions.

It was a moment of pride and horror.  I was SO happy and endeared to know that he wore them so much but at the same time it hurt to see those socks in such a condition.  Those socks were abused.

So here we are, J's 2nd pair of socks.  I had pulled out some yarn from my stash, Knit Picks Merino Style which I had purchased a LONG time ago for a scarf.  Inexpensive, durable wool.  Good for a boy.  Check!


Pattern: Thuja from
Yarn: Knit Picks Merino Style, Moss Green
Needles: Size 6 circs, using magic loop
Raveled Here

Thuja is just such a simple and great pattern! A nice seed stitch rib makes a really great masculine sock.  I enjoyed making these and actually started them during Socktoberfest!  I managed to finish them JUST before we began moving.   They're a bit slippery on our new parquet floors but I think J will manage.


next up… more holiday knits!

all in good time

snickets a brewin'

So of course just when I see Nova’s Snickets (having always loved Isel‘s from way back) I feel compelled to cast on a pair only to have Magknits go kerplunk!  (ETA: HOORAY to Ravelry Downloads!) The forums also helped with finding out how to grab now "lost" patterns with so many knowledgeable people chiming in.   I cannot stress enough how much Ravelry ROCKS.

I also must say who ever created the Wayback Machine is pretty genius, too! However I can’t help but feel a kind of polterguise-ness about it knowing that there is a "ghost" out there of websites long gone.  Like they’re stuck in some website Limbo.  Don’t walk into the light, Magknits!

Now I love making socks but it may come as a shock (or perhaps not, since you all know how much I love making sweaters, too) that I have only one full pair of socks to show for – the Jaywalkers!

I have a single sock for the Embossed Leaves socks stuffed somewhere in my drawer.  A Monkey somewhere in my closet wondering if it will swing from my feet with a pal one day.  Yup, only the Jaywalkers have prevailed!  That’s not to say I haven’t knitted other pairs of socks… my boyfriend got a comfy pair a while ago as did my friend Dana – oh and my Dad did too (which were thus stolen by my brother)  But for me just the pair. The only solitary pair.  So my feet were excited to see me cast on for the snickets!

I’ve also been asked to make a belated birthday pair of socks for my sock stealing brother.  I’m feeling a little Log Cabin in Malabrigo or Manos to spoil his London feet!

In other knitty news…

Icarus growing...

I’m just short of a one repeat done before I get to the pretty edging of the Icarus shawl.  I’ve been working on a few rows here and there between some late high school nights which I had last week – it’s been wonderful seeing this grow!   I am so excited to get to the pretty edging and LOVE working with the Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace!  It’s beautiful and soft and not to mention has Tons of yardage. 

SO as you can see I’m all ensconced in the knitting right now and am still working on the from scratch sweater – but that’s for another post!

I am going to Boston this weekend for a little getaway with my mom and close family friends.  A girls weekend away! I am so excited to visit a few LYS up there, too! Windsor Button and A Good Yarn, I’m talking to you!  Any other good Boston shops I should hit up?  Let me know!

Happy Hump Day!

hand me a banana

January weather has arrived. It is currently 29 degrees outside. There apparently was a flurry last night but I didn’t see it.  Despite the fact that the warm weather made me nervous about global warming and NYC going underwater because of the ice caps melting, I kinda loved having that warmer weather.  But now that it’s colder I can now enjoy knitting inside without feeling guity I’m not taking advantage of our Indian Winter.

central park hoodie

My CP is now to large to lug around with me. The fronts and back are done and now it’s all about the sleeves.  Brilliant Cara is planning on doing hers in one piece.  A great move that I didn’t consider. It will be good seaming practice for me but if I make another I will so combine them.  With my quick progress on CP I found myself without a transportable knit on the needles… what was I do to but to cast on some Socks!


(I took the pics inside around 5ish so the lighting is a bit dark.) These are the Monkey pattern from the current issue of Knitty.  The yarn is STR in Prove it All Night.  I’m using size 1 addis (the pattern called for size 2s) and I might be moving it down to 0s.  So far I love how it’s coming out! It may be a tad on the bigger side but I can’t really decide since it’s just two repeats in.  The pattern is pretty simple and memorizeable once you get it going.

I’m also loving the color of this yarn!  It’s got subtle color change from the pinks, reds to greys… not to mention how I have that song stuck in my head as I knit with it. I know I’ll be swinging from the trees when these are done.

I was showing my knit group last night and a bunch of them hadn’t knit socks yet.  What’s exciting about that is I might be teaching a sock class at the shop!  It amazes me how far I’ve come as a knitter.  From back in the winter of ’03 sitting patiently with my Stitch N’ Bitch book to now being a potential bonafide teacher of the craft.  Who freakin’ knew?


I know I know. You’re gonna tell me to stop talking about the fall.  That it’s STILL summer in your book.  That you will happily wear what ever key summer article be that bikini, mini skirt, flip flops or whatever that you picked out, right up until the HOUR the season turns over.  But my friend, did you feel it this weekend (if you weren’t being rained upon) – the breeze, the wonderful cool breeze… the smell of fresh cool air, the Halloween paraphernalia in the local CVS or equivalent?  Oh Fall is certainly almost here.  I’ve already shared with you why it’s my favorite season and now presenting:


(cheesy knitter alert!)I cannot get over how fabulous this sock is!!!  The way it pooled completely cover the leaf repeats! I"m freakin’ beside myself here!!  It’s gorgeous! I keep taking it out and looking at it. Sticking my arm through to the foot so I can see the leaves properly.  Putting it on the one foot and pretending the pair is complete.  Yeah I’m nuts.  But it’s just that it came out so much better than I had expected! The sock is a wee bit bigger than my foot but I’m not going to get nitpicky here… I love it.  It’s fabulous and I love the fall!

BUT… like all things there is something that’s foreshadowing the completed pair.. Will I be able to finish the second with the yarn I have left.  I do not have one of those weight doohickeys so I kinda did the whole putting the sock in one hand and the left over yarn in the other and shaking them a bit.  Very scientific, I know.  Here’s what’s left:


Perhaps I’m being hopeful but it does FEEL heavier than the finished sock.  I’m going to just keep going and pray to the knit God. I’ve seen people all over the Internets go through this situation – some with success and others with sad failure.  I am a glass half full kind of girl so there’s a pair in my future even if I may need to buy another skein. (gee that wouldn’t be so bad not would it.)