Get me some Beads cause I’m flashing my Stash!

I almost forgot what day it was.  Actually, if it wasn’t for a phone call from my principal wishing me a happy "Ash Wednesday" a day early, I would have gone this whole week without a second thought.  The Marti Gras person within me is taking full advantage of the day called Fat Tuesday in which Catholics around the world are indulging themselves for one last night before the great fasting time that is Lent.

What was thought of as a small box of small yarns ‘here and there’ has turned out to be a great wealth of yarn that has simply been out of sight out of mind.  Perhaps I should reconsider that whole Knit from your Stash idea…. yeah… nahhhh.

Rowan Wool Cotton

I have about 7+ balls of Rowan Wool Cotton that I had originally planned for a Blanket Cardigan for my dear sweet mom (hi mom!).  I may finish it or I might rip it depending on what she wants and also if I can get the Ali pattern without having to buy all the yarn that could go with it.  Oh please email me back, Kim Hargreaves!

Brown Sheep Bulky

Here we have a lovely array of green shades of Brown Sheep Bulky which is supposed to be used for a Felted Board that I saw in Alterknits. Not so sure that will be it’s destiny, I’m thinking hats now.

Foxfire Fiber

Ahh the gorgeous Foxfire Fiber that is currently becoming de-stashed with my recent knit, Cherie.  It’s just pretty to look at and touch. It’s about time I got this Rheinback acquisition on the needles.

Yarn Guts

Ahh and the bag of yarn that time forgot.  It actually looks quite terrible in there will all the guts of different yarns mixed together.  I like to give that bag a shake every once in a while to see what yarns come to the top.  I think there’s an unfinished sock in there somewhere. There’s also a wonderful bin of other-yarns-I-did-not-feel-like photographing.  In
there is some Manos, a few Socks that Rock hanks, some Brown Sheep
Cotton Fleece for a Green Gable or two.  Oh and some Regia Silk for a shawl, but not sure which one, and other odds and ends.

Lastly comes my final great indulgence before I take a mini time out from yarn purchases.  It helps when you have a LYS readily willing to make special orders.  This is my yarn for Glee, and yes people I love to splurge – beautiful and soft Brown Sheep Alpaca Silk.  I cannot stop touching it. (Oh Dana, it’s time you get your yarn too!)

Blue Sky Alpaca Silk

What can I say?  Looking at all these yarns does make me feel a little guilty but I know I’ll find them loving homes with either patterns I’m knitting or perhaps my very first stash sale.  For now, hand me a burger and some margaritas cause this girl is loving her stash and is not afraid to show it.

friday, i’m in love

thank you so much for the kind words yesterday. I’m feeling phenomenally better today! One, because last night’s wine tasting and cooking demo was fabulous – I even won a bottle at the end of the night!   Two, the fact that it’s Friday is an upper in itself. And three, I’m testing out a new yarn and I love it.


My LYS picked up some new Sheep Shop Yarn which she discovered from her last trade show. This one is their Sheep 2 yarn in green.  It’s SO soft! The yarn is a 2 ply bulky and has such a great twist to it. The color has a slight variation with great stitch definition.  I knew she was going to be getting some so I did a little research and then read their yarn review.  So, hey thought I’d give it a try and now I know just what to make…


I’ve been looking for a while for a great yarn to try the Leaf Lace Pullover and I think this is the one! It’s bulky enough and it’s such a great green.

Do you want to hear something completely silly of me?  I proceed to knit the yarn on 10.5 needles getting 3 stitches to an inch. Oh, way to big I say… it’s got to be 4 stitches/in..  So I rip it out and switch to 9s which is getting me 3 and then some… ooh getting somewhere but of course the gauge swatch is a bit tight and then I think so myself, "wait, is this really right?" 

I look again and read the gauge: 10 stitches to 4 inches… wait a minute…  That’s 2.5 stitches to the inch and not  4. Somehow my mind calculated that as 4 stitches to one inch. Instead of dividing the sucker I multiplied. Riiight.  I think it’s time for me to put down the needles and unwind a bit.

Now, where’s that wine I won?

a knit to build a dream on

Knitting Drew's Scarf

Things are moving along with Andrew’s scarf… I think I was being a bit too ambitious to think I will have it done early enough to ship to him for Christmas.  A sis can dream though can’t she?  I still will be working on it solo (for now). I’m almost through the first skein… boy, is there a lot of milage out of this Sundara yarn!  Of Course I’m totally in love with the pattern, too.    IT really does look like it’s a scarf you could get at Neiman or Bergdorff’s. (yes… still dreaming here)

sundara dk silky merino

I had the chilly day off today.  It’s nice to sleep in every once in a while (sans guilt).  I took a quick trip to NYC to have lunch with my boyfriend and returned home to knit a bit more and it looks like tonight is going to be a blockbuster night.  It’s a Jack Sparrow evening!  Having nothing really to do allowed me to really get a good look at all the yarn I have…

My stash has accumulated more than I realized! I’ve got a few skeins of bulky Brown Sheep that will be going into some Christmas hats (originally purchased to make a felted bulletin board)… I also came across some artyarns ultramerino that I had bought for the Stained Glass Scarf from Handknit Holidays.  I accidentally bought a lighter weight and never returned it.  I think it’s going to go perfectly for Eunny’s mittens! I have some more Brown Sheep cotton fleece bought because I could’t decide on the color of my RR. Plus other skeins here and there.  And you’d think I wouldn’t buy more…

Ha! I’m talking to the choir here, aren’t I?  I also just purchased some Classic Tweed from Webs for the Central Park hoodie from knitscene.  I haven’t gotten it off my mind since I saw it over on Carrie’s.  The yarn was on sale so it just had to be done.  I also added to my knit library.  I went to B&N yesterday and bought Knitting for Peace, the new Craft mag (it had me at the knitted robots on the cover), and Amy Butler’s In Stitches (the last is technically a gift for mom, but you Know I will be borrowing it). 

Books and Yarn

This arsenal of yarns and books will certainly keep me busy right on through the New Year (as well as thoughts of sew machines running through my head).  I’m also quite certain that there will be other sparks of inspration that will make me veer from my current knitty path.  And so be it! That’s the fun!