A skein of a different color

Ha ha ha, ho ho ho and a couple of la di da's, that's how you knit the day away in the merry old land of OZ Chez Tenten!!

You hear it all the time when it comes to knitting projects, "Make sure you buy more than enough yarn!" and most of the time I am So good at that task. Just ask my husband. Yarn is everywhere. But this time around I thought with all the color blocking going on I would only need 2 skeins max of each color.

Well after I was finished with the front and one sleeve I realized I would need a 3rd skein of the neutral color. I was pretty calm, cool and collected. I figured I would just go back and snag up another skein via the site that I bought it from. Like no one else buys that yarn… Well DUH, they did not have it in stock. (que sad Price's Right music here.)

A quick email to the owner and I found out that they were getting more in stock that very day. But in the meantime because I cannot wait for the life of me, I did a quick search on the internets and found a skein at another site and promptly ordered it. 

My impatience was distracted with a fun weekend away, but when I got home I ripped open the package only to see right away that it was not a match. The dyelot was much more grey toned than the pinkish toned skeins I had. I then decided to re-order from the original vendor in the hope I would have better dyelot luck.


Well, this skein (the top), while not as off as the first (below), is still not perfect but it have to do. As you maybe know, I am accustomed to making it work with skeins that are not matching and will try to work some magic. Am I kinda sad/po'd that I didn't order enough at first? Yes. Is it a "I wouldn't have noticed it until you pointed it out" kind of situation? I don't think so. But thankfully I just have a few more rows on the back to finish and then neckband. Maybe I can claim it was a "design feature".

Anyway, I won't let my dyelot woes interfere with my pure excitement of finishing this sweater! I can't wait to show it off. And yes, I've decided to write it up – including needing an extra skein! No one shall suffer my mistake! You're very welcome.

So what's on deck? I have more sweaters that are half done than I'd care to admit which means the next thing is going to be finishing one of those. After that maybe a cowl… 

All I know is that my needles are going to be busy right on through the new year. Click, click, click, Toto!

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WIP Wednesday: Color Block


Things are progressing smoothly with my color block sweater which I now refer to as Kendi. When last I left you I was waiting for my colors to arrive, now I am just about to cast on for the 2nd sleeve.

I decided to make this sweater in pieces. I know the craze these days is to make sweaters that are all-in-one piece and sometimes that is pretty glorious BUT there are good reasons to make sweaters in pieces and my girl, Amy, has pretty much summed them up beautifuly. (She's a redic designer so, like, pay attention 😉 ahem, her new book is coming out soon, too!)

And taking the mother of all knitters (EZ's) advice I started with a sleeve. Sleeves work well as a very large gauge swatch. You can double check your gauge without committing too much to the project. Good thing too because I was about a quarter of the way into the sleeve before I decided to rip back and make it a tad smaller and the increases a tad quicker.


As for the front, I really enjoy how the neutral tones down the bright colors. Before I started that section I really wondered if it was going to look too obnoxious. The top really balances it all out.

What are you working on?

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WIP Wednesday: Knitting A Cloud


I'm working on a few new projects including this new design – an airy top-down pullover. The yarn is Giselle by Classic Elite, a wool/nylon/mohair blend. I hadn't worked with mohair in a long time and almost forgot about it's sticky nature.

It brought me back to memories of knitting Birch and having to cast something like 299 sts. Ripping Cutting twice before I finally got it right.

Despite mohair's nature, I am loving how this is coming out and knitting it with my pointy Addi lace needles is helping with the stickage. Hooray.

Stitches West is this weekend. I am going and making a full weekend of it. Knitting, drinking and hanging with good friends. I CANNOT wait! If you'll be there please say hello! I'll be the one drooling at all the fabulous yarn.

Knit Style: Cabled Pullover

Knit Style: Rebecca Cabled Sweater

This flashback knit is an old favorite, the Rebecca Cabled Pullover. It's one of maybe 3 pullovers I've ever knit! Knit in Rowan Cashsoft, it's held up well over the years.

Knit Style: Cabled Pullover

Knit Style: Rebecca Cabled Sweater

Sweater: Cabled Pullover from Rebecca Mag #36
Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft Aran
Needles: US 5 & 6
{Original Post}

Knit Style: Rebecca Cabled Sweater

I also must let you know that I am obsessed with my hat. I bought it while touring the city with my good friend Dana and her husband Rob.  The moment I put this on my head I knew I wasn't leaving without it. Is it obvious I am really into grey?

FO: Belfast Hoodie

Belfast Hoodie

From the first moment I saw this sweater I knew it had to be mine.It's a wonder what they put in those photos over at Quince & Co. because they truly have me with every single one!

Belfast Hoodie

Pattern: Belfast Hoodie By Carrie Bostick Hoge
Yarn: Quince & Co. Lark, Chantrelle, 12 balls
Needles: US 9 & US 8 needles 

Not much I can say about this other than I Love It. Carrie truly has a great eye for design. I made no modifications to the pattern – not even when it came to picking up for the pockets. I like em' as I see 'em! Plus, as you would expect, the pattern was well written. Clear directions and a great sweater schematic!

Belfast Hoodie

As for the yarn, it's soft, squshy and blossmed just a bit after blocking. My rule of thumb with any sweater I make is that I like to be a wee bit tighter on my gauge – maybe about a 1/4 stitch. The stitches will grow.

Belfast Hoodie

All in all – LOVE.

I wonder what sweater will captivate me next!

What's tickling your fancy these days?

something blue, something new

Blue Poppy

Pattern: Poppy Hat by Kate Jackson
Yarn: GGH Soft Kid
Needles: Size 7 circs

At TNNA I had the pleasure of briefly meeting a very nice designer named Kate Jackson.  She had a lovely  decorated booth with pretty stylish knits and she herself was very warm and inviting that I knew I had to pursue my owner to take a look.   Sure enough, Trish allowed me to pick out a few patterns for her shop and here’s the first of many I hope to knit up!

Made in about a day, this hat filled the instant knit gratification I have been looking for!  While the Honeymoon Cami is still making it’s way on the needles, I knew I needed an FO to keep the mojo going.  The yarn although super sticky (as is mohair) makes for a light and airy beret.  I’m am already planning on in every Soft Kid color my LYS has!

With that done I couldn’t help but to cast on finally for a sweater from Rebecca No. 36. originally called "Brown Sweater with Cables". (Ravelry Link)

I heart cables

Would you  believe in my wonderful time of being a knitter I’ve made two pullover sweaters?  The first was the Nothing’ But a T-shirt by Alison Hansel and the second being Rusted Root from the Zypher Gals.  The other sweaters were cardigans or vests… that needed to be remedied stat!

I’m actually enjoying making all these cables more than I thought I would!  At first glance at the pattern I thought of what a headache keeping track of the cabling was going to be but sure enough a few rows in I got the rhythm and have been able to knit on without the pattern at my side.  I’ve substituted the yarn with Rowan Cashsoft Aran and am so pleased with it!  The cashsoft really allows for great cable definition!


This sweater is traveling down with me to the NC Outer Banks where I will be vacationing with a few friends for the next week! I’m so looking forward to some sun, sand and wine with friends.  I hope you all are having a great July!  Can it really be August in a week? Really?  Where does the time go!?