Knit On.


Whether you're a new knitter or an experienced one and whether you realize it or not, Elizabeth Zimmermann is your knitting godmother. Those times when you're knitting out in public thinking maybe you look a little weird or different she's the one who makes you sit a little bit taller and knit a little prouder.

She makes knitting rock and garter stitch a rockstar.

She was a witty, smart, no-nonsense kind of woman. One who would probably intimidate the heck out of me and yet would be so generous and gracious with herself. After all she's opened my eyes to so many techniques like a knitted cast off and after thought pockets. And boy, was she a engineer of knitting.


Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket from The Opinionated Knitter (Elizabeth Zimmermann)
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM, 2 balls
Needles: US 4 

I started this Baby Surprise Jacket a few days ago in response to my sheer glee at finding out my best friend was having a girl. (Oh J, when you get here just act surprised when you see it!) I don't know exactly what made me want to give the BSJ a shot but I knew I wouldn't be let down as there were close to 14,458 made on Ravelry. 

I loved reading EZ's notes as I followed along. She knew you had to have a little blind faith when following this pattern. "Just stay with me," is what she said as we were rounding out the last half of the pattern. Sure enough as most godparents do – she didn't lead me astray.


I can't wait to see that little girl wearing this! I could help but think of her, her soon to be mom and my other dear mommy friends as I was making this. So many of us are nearing that time of hoping to become a mother. With the craziness of the world today - US budget deficit, deadly earthquakes, unemployment, Lindsey Lohan – it's a scary place out there – it makes it all the more clear to heed Elizabeth's advice and to simply Knit On.


I decided to print this quote and frame it in my favorite knit spot. It's good to have a reminder near by. 

knit on.

Knit on with confidence and hope.

Auntie M