52 Days until Christmas

I recieved an email yesterday from a friend who is orgaizing a secret santa knit exchange and the words "there are 52 days until Christmas" made me choke on my coffee.

What the what! When did it turn into November? I should have seen the warning signs. The change in the weather, the pumpkin spice coffee at Starbucks, October… but for some reason it didn't register that time was of the essence with knitting presents.

I have a ton on my knitting plate this fall too aside from making gifts. It's been very exciting for me and I can't wait to share it all here – but in the meantime…:)

It's the weekend of the Interweave Knit Lab. I signed up for classes months ago and when I did November seem like a far off time but here it is! I am looking forward to seeing some old friends and have already had the chance to hang out with two of my favorite girls, Courtney and Kate. Like they said, we had some really great Indian food, I got to sing to them the opening song of Full House, and we went to a place that serves beer, wine, pie and ice cream. A fantastic day indeed.

Now that that fun day is over it's time to get refocused on knitting. Heck, if all else fails, everyone is getting jewelry.

Legen- wait for it- dary!

Sincere Sheep

Yesterday I happened to remember that a little BIG thing called the Interweave Knit Lab was happening here in Northern California in the fall.

I first heard about it though twitter and at the time couldn't afford the whole weekend price tag. I had to wait for those that could to sign up before they opened the individual classes to the gen public.

To be honest, I really wanted to do just one thing – the keynote.  But the keynote is the great Barbara G. Walker and I thought for sure that would be sold out lickity split.

So you can imagine my sheer excitement and frantic fumble for my wallet last night when I saw that tickets to her keynote were still available! I was going to be able to see her – in person!

I tried to explain to my husband the significance of this was like going to see Babe Ruth (for you baseball fans) or John Wooden (for you basketball fans) or Vince Lombardi (for all you football fans). If Elizabeth Zimmerman is the Godmother of knitting, Walker's the Consigliari. (for those of you who are Godfather fans). She's flat out legendary.

The woman has developed from scratch thousands of stitch patterns. She even created the "SSK", one of the basic knitting techniques… she MADE IT.  That's like seeing someone who made the first left turn in a car.  Like "Oh why not turn the wheel THIS Way instead."

This year is shaping up to be one epic knit year. Next week I'm off to TNNA with Patricia from Patricia's Yarns, I'm scheming a rediculous road trip with my friend Erin to go up to the Sock Summit in July (10 hr road trip, heck ya!) and will cap things off with Barbara Walker in Nov!

Someone pinch me!

PS – Since I can't seem to write a post without a photo – above is my newly aquired yarn, Sincere Sheep, which I bought at the cutest LYS in St. Helena called Muse.  It's an all natural, hand dyed yarn from the Napa Valley. I plan on using it for my green Project Spectrum knit for this month! It's technically part of the stash now anyway, right?? right.