I got a knitting fever

Green + Grey + Yellow

… and the only thing that's gonna fix it IS MORE KNITTING!


Dudes, I gotta problem. There is a wonderful ebb and flow to the knit mojo and right now mine is running on all cylinders!!

I've been keeping busy with a good amount of "work knitting", samples being made for upcoming books and projects (eee! and no not my OWN book, maybe one day – a girl can dream!) but I am also trying to keep my knit psyche happy by allowing myself a little "for me" knitting at knit group and on weekends.


I really love the grey and chartreuse combo and you can't go wrong with garter stitch. The perfect mindless knitting stitch.

Yarn is Madeline Tosh Sock and Alpha B.

How are you all fixing your Knit Fever?

TNNA – Recap!

The Needle Arts Trade Show was all in all a fabulous time. I always love going to shows like this because you truly come back so energized and full of ideas. 


The question that Patricia and I were asked numerous times at TNNA was "what has excited you the most of all that you've seen?"  So after mulling it over on the flight home here is my list:

1. Barbara Walker!!!! (ETA: added the pic from Patricia!)

With an Icon

What a fabulous surprise! The legendary knitter was there in the flesh in a very nondescript booth promoting her new DVD. She was so gracious with her crazy fangirls which she told me her son calls "Squee!" While I think I did a good job "keeping my cool", Squee I did!! She even signed autographs and posed for pictures. It seems so sureal to have met her. Can't wait to see her again in Nov. in San Mateo!

2. Little Red in the City

In the short time I had to review the sample copy it was obvious that I was holding something that would change the knit world! Chock full of amazing knitting information and patterns this book is a MUST for every knitter's library. I have a feeling we'll be talking about Ysolda the way we talk about Zimmermann and Walker. She truly is such an influential knitter and mind of our generation. 

3. Swans Island

Definitely the biggest BUZZ yarn of the show and perhaps the Yarn "Rookie of the Year". A gorgeous organic yarn developed out of Maine, it is a dream to knit with. It's Patricia's new 'crack yarn'. I cannot wait to get a skein.

4. Rowan

Rowan is picking up it's game a bit and it shows. There are several new yarns for the fall from the British Giant – one of which is their new alpaca silk which I managed to get a few samples of. I think they're realizing they need to compete more with the other yarn companies and it shows.

5. New Knitting Books! 

We had the chance to preview a few knit books including Anna Teeny Tiny Mochimochi and Teva Durham's Loop-d-Loop Lace. Reviews of both are in the works!

6. Meeting other Bloggers and Designers!

I loved being able to put a face to the blogs and designers I admire and follow!  Allegra of Fiddlestix Knitting, Hannah of Knitbot, Melissa of Knitting School Dropout, Melynda of Frenchpressknits, Pam of Flint Knits, Jill of Knitterella, Amy pf StashKnitRepeat, Elinor of Exercise before Knitting, Stitchy McYarnpants and Jenn of Nipperknits (to name a few)! You all rock and I love that we got to meet face to face!

Of course it goes without question that seeing some familiar faces was equally as fantastic: Ann of Purlingswine and now co-owner of The Village Knitter (Cara I know you're jealous), Courtney & Kate of Kelbourne Woolens, Craig of Loop Philly, the fab Rep Antonia (who is siteless but AMAZING), and of course my With Out Her None of this would be Possible – Patricia of Patricia's Yarns.

I truly feel so bless to be a part of a great community and industry. There's nothing in the world like us Knitters!

Legen- wait for it- dary!

Sincere Sheep

Yesterday I happened to remember that a little BIG thing called the Interweave Knit Lab was happening here in Northern California in the fall.

I first heard about it though twitter and at the time couldn't afford the whole weekend price tag. I had to wait for those that could to sign up before they opened the individual classes to the gen public.

To be honest, I really wanted to do just one thing – the keynote.  But the keynote is the great Barbara G. Walker and I thought for sure that would be sold out lickity split.

So you can imagine my sheer excitement and frantic fumble for my wallet last night when I saw that tickets to her keynote were still available! I was going to be able to see her – in person!

I tried to explain to my husband the significance of this was like going to see Babe Ruth (for you baseball fans) or John Wooden (for you basketball fans) or Vince Lombardi (for all you football fans). If Elizabeth Zimmerman is the Godmother of knitting, Walker's the Consigliari. (for those of you who are Godfather fans). She's flat out legendary.

The woman has developed from scratch thousands of stitch patterns. She even created the "SSK", one of the basic knitting techniques… she MADE IT.  That's like seeing someone who made the first left turn in a car.  Like "Oh why not turn the wheel THIS Way instead."

This year is shaping up to be one epic knit year. Next week I'm off to TNNA with Patricia from Patricia's Yarns, I'm scheming a rediculous road trip with my friend Erin to go up to the Sock Summit in July (10 hr road trip, heck ya!) and will cap things off with Barbara Walker in Nov!

Someone pinch me!

PS – Since I can't seem to write a post without a photo – above is my newly aquired yarn, Sincere Sheep, which I bought at the cutest LYS in St. Helena called Muse.  It's an all natural, hand dyed yarn from the Napa Valley. I plan on using it for my green Project Spectrum knit for this month! It's technically part of the stash now anyway, right?? right.

Making Aidez

Beginnings of Aidez

Hello! I am back home after a few wonderful days in my home state of NJ! It was the first time back since we moved to SF. Jersey still looks good albet a bit HOT. Amongst my fun times there was a workout at the Local Barre (thanks for getting my butt there Dane!), a knit night at Patricia's Yarns, a wedding and of course quality family time. I didn't get much knitting done but can you blame me?

Before I left, I actually started a new cardigan – Aidez. I remember when it first came out thinking what a gorgeous pattern it was and I was shocked it was free. Since then so many gorgeous versions started popping up and well I couldn't deny myself any longer. Thank you to Cirilia and Berroco for being so generous with this great design.

I finished the back which lies half done in the above picture and am almost done with the fronts. In a moment of full disclosure, it took me a few tries to get things going. I had all sorts of trouble keeping track of all the different cable patterns. Yes me, the one who doesn't write things down and didn't start here either. I blame the wine.

May simply came and went and I suspect June has plans to do the same. I'm going to try to take things slow and enjoy the next color of Project Spectrum – Green. Stash Dive!!

(Oh and I'll also be at TNNA with Patricia of Patricia's Yarns in two weeks! Cannot wait to share some of what inspires me there with you! And see some of you too!!! :-))

April In Review

April in Review

This was the first month that I have made knitting my "day job".  It's been really fun to be able to concentrate on knit blogging and I hope you've all enjoyed following along! 

Looking forward to one knitty filled May! (Project Spectrum begins! Woop!)

Friday Links: Doing & Making

Inhabitat, Earth Day, Jill Fehrenbacher, Emily Pilloton, Jorge Chapa, Tylene Levesque, Mike Chino, Haily Zaki, Abigail Doan, Mahesh Basantani, Ali Kriscenski, earthday2008

(image via inhabitat.com)

Happy Earth Day! This Friday's links include some things I would do if I could actually put my knitting needles down. 

This couple built a huge console for their living room and even "weathered" their wood. Yup. I am lazy.

I love these paper flowers and am now envisioning a knitted version.

This made my husband go "woah." I will be making it for him soon. I mean it has biscusts – cream cheese biscusts!

Just click, I really don't think this needs a lead in other than: holy yodel!

I can't wait for May so that I can begin to participate in this!

And becasue it's also Easter, time to decorate some eggs!

Easy as Pie.

Drop Stitch Scarf

I love scarves. I especially love the easiest of easy scarf – the drop stitch. It's one of those fun scarves you knit and just when you think you're making a mistake you're not, it's all part of the plan.

I made one back in 2009 after being inspired by a sample at the yarn shop in Philadelphia, Loop. The scarf above was actually started about a year ago but it was put in the WIP pile while I went on to other knitting. I just happened to pull it out during a bit of a stash inventory I did last week. (Alert: stash sale is a-coming!) 

If you want to make one similar 

Yarn: Rowan Bamboo Tape (now discontinued) 3 balls
Needles: US 10 

CO 28 stitches

Knit 6 rows.
Next Row: K1, Dbl YO, repeat to last st, K1.
Next Row: *Knit 1, Drop YOs* to last stitch, K1

Repeat from start all the way through to desired length!

Ravelry Link

I love the drape of the bamboo tape in this type of scarf. It's too bad Rowan discontinued this yarn.

Speaking of pie, have I told you all about the BEST pie place that's literally steps from my apartment? Just when I was thinking by moving to California I would become all healthy and organic, I come across Chili Pies (& Ice Cream). I am weak for the Mexican Chocolate Pecan pie a la mode.




Think of a soft subtle mix, and if it ain't broke then don't try to fix it.

Summa summa summa time.

Pattern: Blithe from Kim Hargreaves
Yarn: Rowan 4ply Cotton
Needles: US 2s Addi Turbos
Ravelry Link
Flickr Link – for extra model shots 😉

I've explained before my "out of sight out of mind" syndrome – if I don't see it I forget I have it.  It's kind of silly to realize that I've had this knit sitting right under my nose for so long.  Well, as they say, better late than never!  I must admit that one of the many things I love about my summer is the time it gives me to knit.  There is no way I would have considered knitting a sweater on US2s if I didn't have a ton of time to devote to it.

I kept to the pattern except I didn't go down in needle size for the bottom ribbing and the neck edging.  I also had a problem with the cap sleeves.  I knitted the first sleeve as per the instructions and it was about an inch shorter than the sleeve cap.  I casted on for the second and made the adjustements so in the end I lengthened the straight rows about an inch and a half.  I was also a hair under gauge but I went with my knit instincts that told me that this yarn was going to give, and it has.


I cannot be more stoked about how this top worked out!  I felt guilty about putting down some other knitting to devote to this and  I actually worked on this So much that I got a cramp in my left hand from knitting on the size 2s! I would not be deterred though so I did physical therapy by knitting those scarves.

Red Chair

So now that that's done I guess I should get to cleaning up my apartment ;-)