Happy Ten Ten!

Another 10 10 birthday!

It's my birthday and the blog's namesake – 10-10!

I knew my 30th year was going to be a big one. It all started with the Perfect Date: 10-10-10. We threw quite a party that weekend, singing karaoke until my voice was hoarse. My husband and I made the big decision of moving cross country to SF and I decided to make knitting my major career.

I can't believe how quickly time has flown from 10-10-10. One thing I miss most of all from the east coast is the change of the leaves. I miss the deep red, bright orange and russet leaves and the smell! The smell of fall. You know that smell. My husband likes to remind me that in a few short days I will be back there for a visit so I will get my fill soon enough! (Rhinebeck here I come!!!)

This birthday weekend hasn't let me down. My friend Sarah treated me to a brunch at Bar Tartine and afterwards my husband and I took a stroll along Valencia St. stopping at a cute paper store called Serendipty. I was so concentrated on the cute cards and gifts that I didn't notice that there was a yarn shop called Princess Animal in the back sharing the space! Husband had to hit me and point but once I looked up I bee lined it straight for the local handdyes and had a fun convo with the knitter there, Mer!


I of course went home with some birthday presents. The hugely popular Knit.Wear magazine and a skein of Hipster Sock from Little Red Bicycle in the Sidwalk Chalk colorway. Word on the street is that this dyer uses the same base as Madeline Tosh. (huzzah!)

Little Red Bicycle

Husband is also taking me out to dinner tonight to complete the b-day events and all in all, I have a feeling that this coming year is going to be even better than the last.

I love sharing the birthday love so leave me a comment and you too could win a copy of the Knit.Wear magazine and (1) skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Icelandic to make the Mistake Stitch Modibus by Daniel Yuhas. (love him!) (eta: there will be 1 winner! I WISH I could buy magazines and yarn for all!)

Whereever you are I hope you're having a great and fabulous Ten Ten!

PS. If you're feeling generous we're still long away from our goal for Team Nick! A cowl is a perfect christmas present 😉

PPS. That lil' Pecan Pie is the best!!

ETA: Closed the comments! Will pick the winner tonight and post tomorrow 🙂 Thank you SO much for all the birthday wishes and kind words! They mean so much to me. xoxo M

Stitch N Pitch SF

I had the opportunity to go with my knit group to the Giants Stitch N Pitch game in SF on AUGUST 1st.

Please note the puffy vest, knitted sweater (Aidez's first public appearence) and my friend Erin with her lovely knitted hat. It's downright COLD at AT&T Park at night. The first game my husband and I went to was in May, I wore a fleece and my kakhi capris. We had to leave by the end of the 4th inning because I couldn't feel my feet.

Fast forward to this game, I was completely prepared for the cold night ahead with my sweater, scarf and even a hat tucked away if necessary. I guess it's not a surprise that so many knitters came out for the game. With the temps as they are SF it is truly a knitters paradise.

I had always wanted to go to a game in NYC but it always fell on a bad day or was terrible weather (read: hot and rainy!). 

Here's Linda, Jinxie, and Zack with their fabulous knits.


And yes that is knitter extrodinare Linda naturally giving Jacquie and I the bunny ears. She truly is the Queen of Lace.

I'm lucky to have met such a great group of knitters out here. They're all as obsessed (some more) with knitting as I am – reminds me of my Jersey peeps!

Can't wait until next year's game!

Friday Links: FOs From Around Blogland!

words to live by

There used to be a time when knit blogs exploded with finished knits and posts. Work in progress shots, discussions on which yarns to choose, and how the project was shaping up, kept my Bloglines feed alive with posts that made my work productivity low. 

I suppose it was the gift/curse of Ravelry. It allowed people to post their projects so easily for all to see without having to create a blog post. Soon you didn't need a blog to showcase your knits – it could be done easily with a post to your notebook. Suddenly my Bloglines feed updated less and less as the blogs became quiet. (Funny at about the same time I got a promotion at work… I kid, I kid.)

Some people think I'm a part of a "dying breed", but I know better. There are SO many of us still out there updating our little corner of the internet with our knit stories. One of my favorite things to do is to read the comments section on blogs I'm subcribed to and click on a random commenter. I go to their blog and click through to another blog. Click, click, click – going from one blog to the next. I found Dear Knits Tara that way and to be honest I can't imagine not reading her blog! 

The internet is a vast world with so many nooks and crannies and it's easy to get wrapped up in your "circle" of sites. Sometimes you need to click through and branch out.

With that said I give you my For the Love of Knit Blogs FO posts! I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite FOs from the blogs I read.  Some of them I'm sure you all know, while others may be new to you! Either way, enjoy! (and maybe even comment here, there, everywhere! We all are lovers of comments – helps the "garden grow"!)

Bestitched – Kristen's Birthday Sweater

Knitted Bliss Julie's Wasabi Cream and Sugar Cowl

Persimmontea's Rusted Root 

Mia's – Field of Daisys

Tara's Thanks Teach Totes (I know it's sewing but so cute!)

Helen's Offset Wraplan

Alex's Darla (which is a new pattern too! very cool!)

Jessica's Sheep Yokes x2

Vickie's Boy-O-Boy 

keep on knitting!

PS. I will SO have some FO posts next week, for now above is my swatch for my Melanie's Wrap in Quince & Co. Lark left over from my Belfast Hoodie. And that amazing bag? It's Knitterella Jill's amazing project bag, go get one!

Flashback Friday

Leaf Lace Pullover

Made in January 2007
Leaf Lace Pullover by Teva Duhram (from Loop-D-Loop)
Sheep Shop 2 (now discontinued!)
US 11 (8.0mm)
Ravelry Link 

In reviewing Teva's new Loop-d-Loop book I started thinking about other things I've knit from her. Perfect for Flashback Friday, this was the sweater that made me fall in love with Teva Durham! It was also one of the quickest sweaters I've ever done.

What's so cool about this sweater is it's construction. You work the top and then the bottom seperately and graft them together in the middle. I was pretty proud that you couldn't *quite* see where it was seamed unless you really were looking for it. It amazed me so much how Teva could think outside of the box like that. Again, the pure artist in her.


The yarn I made it in was Sheep Shop 2. When Patricia got her first shipment of Sheep Shop, I had immediately connected the yarn to this project. It's too bad that since then the yarn and company are now defunct.

I am excited to knit something from her new book, which is chock full of great designs like this one.

Happy Knitting!



I know you've been waiting impatiently for some Red Rock pics. My goodness it's a gorgeous shawl. I just need you to bear with me a little bit longer. I've been busy with a slew of friends who have made their way to SF to visit! There's simply not not enough time in the day for ALL the fun! 

To keep you from clicking away in a furor I give you my above stash enhancement.  Vinya from Artfibers. It's a soft bulky merino wool. 

Artfibers is a very cool shop in downtown SF. The studio space has all hand dyed yarns from their own supply. Everything from acrylic to silk to beautiful blends – they have something for everyone. They even encourage you to test the yarn by doing a "yarn tasting". It also a provides us knitters yarn in whatever yardage you want! How could I deny myself this gorgeous looking cone?

I haven't decided yet what I want to make with my new yarn but I'm thinking perhaps another- wait for it – infinity scarf. What can I say? I know what I like.

Off to more play time! Be back soon! 🙂

Camilla Pullover

It's been a very long time since I've knitted a pullover for myself. According to my Ravelry notebook it was 2008 and the sweater was called "Cableicious". Since then I've opted to make cardigans, vests and a whole lot of accessories.


I'm not quite sure what it was that made me want to cast on Camilla. I think the fact that I had yarn in my stash just collecting dust was probably what did it. The yarn was purchased for a Phildar Sweater (which I still love and hope to make someday). Many of the balls hadn't been used. However, I stated in my last post, I impatentienly used the already knitted yarn and thankfully it did block out!  So knitters out there – should ye be as impatient as me, all will be alright! However, I pre-blocked the rest of the yarn before using. While I know now that it worked out, I don't think I would put myself through that type of stress again!

I heart Garter stitch

Pattern: Camilla Pullover by Carrie Bostick Hoge
Yarn: Karbella Aurora 8, 8 balls used
Needles: US 10 circulars
Size Made: 37

Modifcations: In using the yarn that I did I had to go down a needle size.  I was also getting about 8 sts to the inch before blocking and therefore decided to go up a pattern size to compensate for that change. (I typically make things that are 32-34) It  did block out a bit after washing. When I first took it out of it's Soak bath I became a little scared because it was stretching way beyond it's dimensions. But a little smoosh here and a little tuck there and it's just about perfect. Garter stitch really grows so I wasn't shy about a few rows shorter than necessary. 


I love the front panel motif. It was easy to memorize and thus provided me the opportunity to knit it anywhere without having to check the pattern every few rows. It was knit in a rediculous amount of time. In an effort of full disclosure, I began this on Sunday and am wearing it out to Patricia's today. Granted, I know I am nuts when it comes to knitting and therefore need to pay some bills and kiss my husband.

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for you coming here and reading about my little knitty life.  Holiday knitting, here we come!!