FO: Grey Rabbit

Grey Rabbit

I swear I am making gifts for people but when this rabbit fur was back in stock at Atelier I had to "Stop the PRESSES" and make one for myself. 

Rabbit Fur Cowl

One ball of the rabbit and one ball of cashmerino aran (it's in there, trust me!!) = amazing. I am now obsessed with making a hat, a muff, maybe even a vest. It's rabbit hysteria!

I know you want some, so give a call to Atelier SF 415 771 1550 and tell Linda to put you on the list for the next shipment. Tell her Margaux said so. 😉 Because if you can believe after being in stock for only a week, this grey is already sold out! (Purple, red-black, black and green are there!)

Back to knitting reality – I cannot believe it's only 6 days until Christmas.  How are you holding up? Should we all plan a late night Christmas Eve knit-a-thon?? I am game to burn the midnight oil and pour a few bottles of vino to get it done. I am dedicated like that.