With love from San Francisco

I came home to a beautiful package from my San Francisco knitters the other day. I am so touched they thought of me to make Baby H such a beautiful blanket. I miss SF everday (doubly so on those crazy snowy days when I can't leave my house) and know that the time I spent there was truly magical. 

The blanket also came with an amazing smelling little bar of soap and a super cute "key" so that I can tell Baby H which one of his SF aunties made which square!

I love the color and the beautiful crocheted edging. 


We're still counting down the days waiting for him to arrive. It's truly a surreal time which I like to call Knocking on the door of Mommyhood. 

You can check out more pics of this gorgeous blanket on it's Ravelry page: Huffnugget Blanket.  Thank you again my wonderful friends you have truly touched my heart! I cannot wait to wrap Baby H in this blanket!! 

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