Knitter Extraordinaire Spotlight

Since moving to SF I have met so many wonderful knitters. Women and men who are just as obsessed (and dare I say, some more) with this craft as I am (MY PEOPLE!). So when my friend Linda posted her new finished project on Ravelry I just HAD to show off! 


Made by the brilliant Linda (Rav ID: lindaloveslace) for her daughter. 
Yarn: Northhampton Valley Yarns, Worsted
Needles: US 5, 7, and 3s

Victory Lap X

Dudes, it's her OWN pattern! She calls it Project X: Victory Lap. Don't you worry I am demanding encouraging her to write it up. 

What's doubly amazing is that her daughter, Lauren, made this mural! It's done with MARKERS people. If you're in SF and walking along the panhandle at Oak and Lyon look for this gorgeous door. It's just incredible.There's no doubt that creativity and talent run in the family. 

Beautiful job, Linda & Lauren!

Fall Knit Inspiration

It's one of those mornings where I am curled up on the couch under my favorite blanket, with a cup of Dunkin Donuts (hooray for K-CUPS), and browsing the internets for some knitspiration.

Glad my favorite stores didn't let me down. 

Hand Knit Gimlet (Boden)


Chunky Cable-knit Sweater Vest (Banana Republic)

Vince Metallic Sweater (Neiman Marcus)

Vince Metallic Sweater - Neiman Marcus

Cambridge Cable Turtleneck (J.Crew)

Circled Vest (Anthropologie)

Circle Vest
Cabled Cocoon Poncho (Anthropologie)

Tulip Sleeve Cardigan (Anthropolgie)