WIP Wednesday: Knitting A Cloud


I'm working on a few new projects including this new design – an airy top-down pullover. The yarn is Giselle by Classic Elite, a wool/nylon/mohair blend. I hadn't worked with mohair in a long time and almost forgot about it's sticky nature.

It brought me back to memories of knitting Birch and having to cast something like 299 sts. Ripping Cutting twice before I finally got it right.

Despite mohair's nature, I am loving how this is coming out and knitting it with my pointy Addi lace needles is helping with the stickage. Hooray.

Stitches West is this weekend. I am going and making a full weekend of it. Knitting, drinking and hanging with good friends. I CANNOT wait! If you'll be there please say hello! I'll be the one drooling at all the fabulous yarn.


Rhinebeck 2011

There's so much I want to say about this trip but I will sum it up in one way: Knitters, our community, what we do, who we are, how we create – is flat out AMAZING. I am so lucky to be amongst so many wonderful people. 

I may or may not have lost my voice after this day but boy was it worth it.

Knit on!

Just Knitting


Oh HI friends!

I feel like it's one of those mornings in which I have nothing to say. I want to be witty and funny and oh so pretty but honestly I am just trying not to brew a 3rd or 4th cup of coffee.

BUT OH am I knitting! I have been test knitting for a few designers in hopes to have some of their magical design genuis rub off on me. 

I'd be lying if I said it wasn't working. I'm definitely brimming with some design ideas and have casted on a few swatches to see if anything will work in real life. I sometimes get carried away at the thought of a design that in reality will SO not work. (Knitted Mini Skirt, anyone?) Practicality is necessary with knitting, I'd dare say.

Stay tuned, I of course will have a few cowls to show you but really it's my hope to be able to give you guys something a little more substatntial than that!

For now, I leave you with my notions bag. I finally did the ol' turn it upside down, pour that crap out out on the couch clean up. It's amazing the random things in there. Keys, a thumb drive (!?), some lip gloss, cute buttons, a pen, biz cards… oh and mints! Who wants to knit with someone with stinky breath. Not I!

But I also have the things I cannot live with out. My zebra sissors, a bajillion stitch markers and my trusty Susan Bates gauge and needle measuring thingy. (So technical I am) I am pretty sure it's been used on EVERYTHING I have made. 

What's in your notions bag? (try to NOT read that like the viking's in the Capital One commercial.)

Friday Links: FOs From Around Blogland!

words to live by

There used to be a time when knit blogs exploded with finished knits and posts. Work in progress shots, discussions on which yarns to choose, and how the project was shaping up, kept my Bloglines feed alive with posts that made my work productivity low. 

I suppose it was the gift/curse of Ravelry. It allowed people to post their projects so easily for all to see without having to create a blog post. Soon you didn't need a blog to showcase your knits – it could be done easily with a post to your notebook. Suddenly my Bloglines feed updated less and less as the blogs became quiet. (Funny at about the same time I got a promotion at work… I kid, I kid.)

Some people think I'm a part of a "dying breed", but I know better. There are SO many of us still out there updating our little corner of the internet with our knit stories. One of my favorite things to do is to read the comments section on blogs I'm subcribed to and click on a random commenter. I go to their blog and click through to another blog. Click, click, click – going from one blog to the next. I found Dear Knits Tara that way and to be honest I can't imagine not reading her blog! 

The internet is a vast world with so many nooks and crannies and it's easy to get wrapped up in your "circle" of sites. Sometimes you need to click through and branch out.

With that said I give you my For the Love of Knit Blogs FO posts! I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite FOs from the blogs I read.  Some of them I'm sure you all know, while others may be new to you! Either way, enjoy! (and maybe even comment here, there, everywhere! We all are lovers of comments – helps the "garden grow"!)

Bestitched – Kristen's Birthday Sweater

Knitted Bliss Julie's Wasabi Cream and Sugar Cowl

Persimmontea's Rusted Root 

Mia's – Field of Daisys

Tara's Thanks Teach Totes (I know it's sewing but so cute!)

Helen's Offset Wraplan

Alex's Darla (which is a new pattern too! very cool!)

Jessica's Sheep Yokes x2

Vickie's Boy-O-Boy 

keep on knitting!

PS. I will SO have some FO posts next week, for now above is my swatch for my Melanie's Wrap in Quince & Co. Lark left over from my Belfast Hoodie. And that amazing bag? It's Knitterella Jill's amazing project bag, go get one!