FO: Different Lines

Different Lines

Pattern: Different Lines by Veera 
Yarn: Madeline Tosh Sock & Alpha B yarn BBF
Needles: US 6

Have you ever timed your stitches? 

I don't consider myself a fast knitter. The reason why I make so many things is because I spend a lot of time working on them. I don't admit to people how much time I spend but it's A LOT. I may or may not forget to eat, shower or do laundry when I am in the zone with a knit I cannot wait to finish.

It didn't occur to me that I was anywhere near being a fast knitter until I was working different lines.

Different Lines

Well folks, apparently I am a fast knitter.

It's a funny thing to respond to when someone calls you out being so quick. I mean what do you say in response? "Thank you!" or "I try." or "Awe Shucks, you're just seeing things!"

Speed doesn't always mean quality. Sure you can knit like the wind but are those stitches even? Who wants a wonky sweater that's made fast? Quality takes time.

It's true knitting continental (picking your yarn) allows you to create the stitches in a much quicker way than knitting english (throwing your yarn) does. It's the nature of the mechanics. Does that mean it's better? I don't think so. I learned how to knit the english way and often times I'll switch back because it just "feels better". And don't even get me started on combination knitting! That's a whole other world.

Different Lines

My goal in knitting is to create something I will love and wear often. It's what gets me most excited about the craft. Not speed or structure or even technique, it's the end product that get me pumped. Do I learn how to make better stitches along the way? absolutely! But again, the end product must be something I can wear proudly.

I was walking with my husband yesterday wearing my different lines and he mentioned how he felt that this piece would get a lot of people asking, "Where did you buy that?"

It's one of my favorite questions. I love telling people, "Oh no, I made this!"

Different Lines 

Different Lines

Do I dare consider making Stripe Study now? 😉

I got a knitting fever

Green + Grey + Yellow

… and the only thing that's gonna fix it IS MORE KNITTING!


Dudes, I gotta problem. There is a wonderful ebb and flow to the knit mojo and right now mine is running on all cylinders!!

I've been keeping busy with a good amount of "work knitting", samples being made for upcoming books and projects (eee! and no not my OWN book, maybe one day – a girl can dream!) but I am also trying to keep my knit psyche happy by allowing myself a little "for me" knitting at knit group and on weekends.


I really love the grey and chartreuse combo and you can't go wrong with garter stitch. The perfect mindless knitting stitch.

Yarn is Madeline Tosh Sock and Alpha B.

How are you all fixing your Knit Fever?