Rhinebeck 2011

There's so much I want to say about this trip but I will sum it up in one way: Knitters, our community, what we do, who we are, how we create – is flat out AMAZING. I am so lucky to be amongst so many wonderful people. 

I may or may not have lost my voice after this day but boy was it worth it.

Knit on!

Happy Birthday Patricia’s Yarns!

Happy 7 Patricia's Yarns!

Today is the shop anniversary for Patricia's Yarns in Hoboken, NJ!  I am so sad I am not going to be there to celebrate but if you're in the NY metro area GO say hello for me! I hear she's having a great sale as a thank you to seven awesome years in business! (Did you know wool is the traditional present for a 7 year anniversary!)  

Cheers PY!!

Happy Shop Birthday, Trish! Thank you for so many wonderful memories and gorgeous skeins of yarn! (and yes I am drinking this before noon. Pacific Time)

Miss you and love you!

PS – This was the original pic I wanted to post. I am classy.

Flashback Friday

Leaf Lace Pullover

Made in January 2007
Leaf Lace Pullover by Teva Duhram (from Loop-D-Loop)
Sheep Shop 2 (now discontinued!)
US 11 (8.0mm)
Ravelry Link 

In reviewing Teva's new Loop-d-Loop book I started thinking about other things I've knit from her. Perfect for Flashback Friday, this was the sweater that made me fall in love with Teva Durham! It was also one of the quickest sweaters I've ever done.

What's so cool about this sweater is it's construction. You work the top and then the bottom seperately and graft them together in the middle. I was pretty proud that you couldn't *quite* see where it was seamed unless you really were looking for it. It amazed me so much how Teva could think outside of the box like that. Again, the pure artist in her.


The yarn I made it in was Sheep Shop 2. When Patricia got her first shipment of Sheep Shop, I had immediately connected the yarn to this project. It's too bad that since then the yarn and company are now defunct.

I am excited to knit something from her new book, which is chock full of great designs like this one.

Happy Knitting!

A Yarn Confessional

Dear Diary,

Road to China

I seem to have a little bit of a problem. I like buying yarn. No, scratch that. I LOVE buying yarn. It happens every time I go into a LYS. I look around, I touch a few and then BAM I'm hit with an idea that I can't shake and thus must get yarn to fufill the mania. It's an addiction, I admit it. That's the first step right? Can you blame me, Diary, the above was bought at a Fibre Co. Trunk show at a VFKW.

Diary, I don't even discriminate! I'll buy cotton, wool, silk, cormo! Alright, maybe not acrylic but if it's natural it's a done deal. I have visions of knitting these gorgeous yarns into beautiful sweaters, scarves, hats and even socks. 


Remember, when I lived a block away from Patricia's Yarns, I went there everyday for yarn. Oh how she'd tease me with Madeline Tosh, Spud & Chloe or a new shipment from Koigu. She knew how to woo me and let's be honest, still does.

Malabrigo Lace

Even in California I am not safe. I bought these skeins of Malabrigo Lace at Article Pract in Oakland. My new knitty friend Erin and I went on a little "adventure" to the Tulip Festival in the Piedmont district of Oakland. Yet, where we were expecting fields of tulips we found only some potted examples in the shops we went to. And when they said "festival" they really meant a small gathering of tables and people. Well, two tables and about 6 people. However, we did get to see a group doing the capoeira! Which will always remind me of the cheesy early 90s B movie Only the Strong. (who's lead actor BTW just had a cameo on tonight's Hawaii 5-O, I digress.)

Diary, all I'm saying is that I'm not sorry for getting all this yarn. I'm only sorry that my hands are just gonna have have to knit it all.  They're gonna hate me and I promise to get them many manicures to keep them happy.

Thanks for listening Diary, I knew you wouldn't judge me.