Just Knitting


Oh HI friends!

I feel like it's one of those mornings in which I have nothing to say. I want to be witty and funny and oh so pretty but honestly I am just trying not to brew a 3rd or 4th cup of coffee.

BUT OH am I knitting! I have been test knitting for a few designers in hopes to have some of their magical design genuis rub off on me. 

I'd be lying if I said it wasn't working. I'm definitely brimming with some design ideas and have casted on a few swatches to see if anything will work in real life. I sometimes get carried away at the thought of a design that in reality will SO not work. (Knitted Mini Skirt, anyone?) Practicality is necessary with knitting, I'd dare say.

Stay tuned, I of course will have a few cowls to show you but really it's my hope to be able to give you guys something a little more substatntial than that!

For now, I leave you with my notions bag. I finally did the ol' turn it upside down, pour that crap out out on the couch clean up. It's amazing the random things in there. Keys, a thumb drive (!?), some lip gloss, cute buttons, a pen, biz cards… oh and mints! Who wants to knit with someone with stinky breath. Not I!

But I also have the things I cannot live with out. My zebra sissors, a bajillion stitch markers and my trusty Susan Bates gauge and needle measuring thingy. (So technical I am) I am pretty sure it's been used on EVERYTHING I have made. 

What's in your notions bag? (try to NOT read that like the viking's in the Capital One commercial.)