FO: Watercolor Batkus

Watercolor Baktus

Pattern: Batkus
Yarn: Madeline Tosh – Tosh DK, alizarim, two balls
Needles: US 6
Modification: made scarf in moss stitch 
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Moss Stitch Baktus

Sometimes with a great yarn all you need is a simple stitch and let it do it's thing.

Moss Stitch Baktus

I am in so love with this colorway -it has hints of oranges, yellows and greens. Plus it looks different in every light. Baktus also happens to be the perfect project to bring to knit night, not much fussiness and a simple repeat – pass the vino or pitcher of beer…

FO: Melanie Wrap

Melanie Wrap

Pattern: Melanie Wrap (My own)
Yarn: Quince & Co. Lark (100% American Wool, 134 yrds/50g),
Chanterelle, 5balls, Pomegranate, 1 ball (100% American Wool, 134 yrds)
US 7(4.5mm) circular and DPN needles

Melanie Wrap

Melanie Wrap

While it is not an "exact" copy of what Mel wore I still think it caputres the essence of what she wore. Classic yet stylish. I hope you will enjoy making and wearing it while watching Sweet Home Alabama.

I am loving all the comments coming in for the Loop-D-Loop Lace Giveaway – it's getting me excited on what to knit for fall! Hopefully you'll now all add this to your list!

Easy as Pie.

Drop Stitch Scarf

I love scarves. I especially love the easiest of easy scarf – the drop stitch. It's one of those fun scarves you knit and just when you think you're making a mistake you're not, it's all part of the plan.

I made one back in 2009 after being inspired by a sample at the yarn shop in Philadelphia, Loop. The scarf above was actually started about a year ago but it was put in the WIP pile while I went on to other knitting. I just happened to pull it out during a bit of a stash inventory I did last week. (Alert: stash sale is a-coming!) 

If you want to make one similar 

Yarn: Rowan Bamboo Tape (now discontinued) 3 balls
Needles: US 10 

CO 28 stitches

Knit 6 rows.
Next Row: K1, Dbl YO, repeat to last st, K1.
Next Row: *Knit 1, Drop YOs* to last stitch, K1

Repeat from start all the way through to desired length!

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I love the drape of the bamboo tape in this type of scarf. It's too bad Rowan discontinued this yarn.

Speaking of pie, have I told you all about the BEST pie place that's literally steps from my apartment? Just when I was thinking by moving to California I would become all healthy and organic, I come across Chili Pies (& Ice Cream). I am weak for the Mexican Chocolate Pecan pie a la mode.