It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you got

I have yarn in my stash and it just wants to come out and ROAR.

I have so much 4ply

Is it bad if it's a whole lot of Rowan 4ply cotton?  More knitting on US2s, you say!?  I must be out of my knitting mind.  

I have been pretty good (sort of) as of late trying to not buy more yarn but I am weak.  When you spend a majority of your time in a place that you love like your LYS, ideas of knitting projects are all around At All Times and you want to buy everything.  Yarn seems to look you in the face saying, "oh come on Ms. M, Buy Me."

Usually I do fall for the yarn suduction, but today, I am home and need to realize what I already have, a rediculously big and wonderful stash. All it needed was a little pattern inspiration.  Enter Kim Hargreaves.  After knitting a time and effort consuming project like Blithe it can be easy to fall out of the knit high and wonder, what's next?

I wasn't left wondering that for too long because Patricia got in both Breeze and Nectar from the great Ms. Hargreaves. (not to mention the fall Interweave, Vogue and Knitscene magazines – Hello Fall, I heart you!)  With the balls of 4ply I found above I have decided to make Dawn and Buttercup. (The latter without fail will always make me think of 3 Amigos and to start singing "MY little Buttercup"  that or anything from the Princess Bride, "HUMPERDINK!").  

I also immediately casted on for the Heather Hoodie Vest in the Knitscene.  I'm going to do a little knitalong with my friend Jillian who got the yarn yesterday and might as well share our knitalong adventure here with you all too!

Heather Hoodie Vest

I'm using Cascade Eco Wool as a subsitute and found that I got gauge on 7mm, or US10.75.  Hearing stories of other people's knits with Eco Wool I know this yarn is going to give a little so I'm going to stop at that and make the small size.

So I guess there will be no wallowing for me as I'm already full steam ahead with the fall knits!

What are you knitting?? 




Think of a soft subtle mix, and if it ain't broke then don't try to fix it.

Summa summa summa time.

Pattern: Blithe from Kim Hargreaves
Yarn: Rowan 4ply Cotton
Needles: US 2s Addi Turbos
Ravelry Link
Flickr Link – for extra model shots 😉

I've explained before my "out of sight out of mind" syndrome – if I don't see it I forget I have it.  It's kind of silly to realize that I've had this knit sitting right under my nose for so long.  Well, as they say, better late than never!  I must admit that one of the many things I love about my summer is the time it gives me to knit.  There is no way I would have considered knitting a sweater on US2s if I didn't have a ton of time to devote to it.

I kept to the pattern except I didn't go down in needle size for the bottom ribbing and the neck edging.  I also had a problem with the cap sleeves.  I knitted the first sleeve as per the instructions and it was about an inch shorter than the sleeve cap.  I casted on for the second and made the adjustements so in the end I lengthened the straight rows about an inch and a half.  I was also a hair under gauge but I went with my knit instincts that told me that this yarn was going to give, and it has.


I cannot be more stoked about how this top worked out!  I felt guilty about putting down some other knitting to devote to this and  I actually worked on this So much that I got a cramp in my left hand from knitting on the size 2s! I would not be deterred though so I did physical therapy by knitting those scarves.

Red Chair

So now that that's done I guess I should get to cleaning up my apartment ;-)